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Banner Advertising is one of the most common and effective marketing strategies on the net. This page was created to provide you with a space to :

1. Showcase Your Banners
2. Initiate Banner Exchanges with other BBWO Members
3. Discover New Marketing Strategies specific to Black Websites Websites designed for Women
4. Learn More About Custom Banner Design Services by LHenry [Network Founder]
5. Join Banner Advertising Programs
6. Find New Way to Make the Most of Your Site Banners
7. Remember to read the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES listed below

The Black Banner Rotator is an original promotional service designed by LHenry for Urban Dynamics - Black Business Tools.This rotator is designed to be a marketing tool for Black Website Owners interested in advertising their business on sites affiliated with Urban Dynamics and Multiple Shades of You Online. The rotator randomly displays the ads of all contributors. The BBRotator is featured on BBWO and several other sites on the msoy network. To learn how to submit your banner click here.

The Black Banner Rotator
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Custom Banner Design by LHenry
In Need of a Banner? Custom designs now starting as low as $15.
Black Banner Design and Low Cost Advertising

Showcase Your Banner Here
To feature your banner on this page simply click the comments button and add your graphic banner to a post. Please Note: In the interest of keeping this page organizanized and clean DO NOT add Media Plugins OR Graphic Banners bigger than 468x60pixels. DO NOT post promotional text here, this space is JUST for Baners. Are you not sure what size that is? Its the size of the current banner featured. Just follow the format you see and all will be fine.

Use this page as an opportunity to:
1. Find Other Sites that Might Be Interested in Exchanging Banners
2. Generate Traffic to Your Site

Banner Marketing Tips
1. Click here to read about Banner Advertising Tips and Tricks

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Your Banner Here - Advertising on BBWO


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