My latest howto guide is Create Your Own Ningalicious Network. I have decided to post most of the chapters of this guide on the SistaSense blog. To review some chapters like the one on Making Money with your Network or Creating Active Members, you will need download a copy of this eGuide.

Ning is an online service designed to help you create, customize, and share a social network. Though it is both easy and free for anyone to create their own ning network, I’ve noticed that many people have questions about using ning, adding features, and effectively building their own social networking communities. Having built two ning networks, with over a thousand members on each, I decided to create this guide as a way to share what I have learned and answer some of the most common questions about creating a network on ning.

When I created my first ning network almost a year ago, I had no idea how it would change my life. My online business has grown, my websites generate more traffic, my ad sales have increased, and I’ve met so many interesting people who enjoy doing the same things I like to do. These spaces are a reflection of who I am, as I am sure your network will be a reflection of your interests and activities.

To help you build your own space on ning, I have decided to discuss the following topics: Please note that each topic is scheduled to post on the Sista Sense blog daily for the next several days starting June 9, 2008. Some links might not work just yet, as they are scheduled to post throughout the Month of June. So check back regularly to see what posts have been activated, or download the eBook to read the complete guide now.

What is
Why Create a Ning Network?
Setting up Your Ning Network
Adding Cool Features to Your Ning Network
The Benefits of Creating a Private Network
Creating a Ning Network that People Love
How to Promote Your Ning Network
Creating a Ning Network with Active Members
Making Money from Your Ning Network
Monitoring Your Networks Growth
My Top 5 Favorite Ning How-to Articles
Need Help With Your Ning Network?
What's your Ning Network?

My Most Popular Networks are:

Black Business Women Online
A Network for Women of Color In Business
Over 2300 Members as of June 2008

Black Moms Club
A Network for Mothers of Color and Single Parents
Over 1100 Members as of June 2008

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This post is a part of my blog series / eBook 'Create Your Own Ningalicious Network'. You can read most of the Chapters of this eGuide on the SistaSense blog. To get the complete guide, with tips not featured on the blog, download your own copy here.

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