Eddie recently sent out this really great email on Networking, I just had to share it.

She wrote....
I went to a networking seminar last week and I wanted to pass along somethings I learned.

Don’t confuse ACTIVITY with ACCOMPLISHMENT: Just because you are doing “a lot” doesn’t mean you are getting your goals accomplished. Sending 1,000 random e-mails will probably be less effective than sending 100 well directed e-mails.

Self-Promote: Let people know what you do and WHY you are great at it! “Without promotion something terrible happens…NOTHING”. You have to be visible

OCZ-Outside Comfort Zone! You have to be willing to do things that may be uncomfortable. If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results. Sometimes the best results come out of the most uncomfortable situations.

Diversify your networks. Don’t just belong to Black Networks, Women Networks, etc. Be a part of it ALL.
Quality Relationships: Take time to really get to know the people you are networking with; build genuine relationships with them.

Best Networking Places
Industry Associations
College Alumni Clubs

Whenever you are going to an event, especially a networking event, try to establish a relationship with the event planner. See if you can get a list of people at the event; a list of vendors or of people that may have purchased a booth; and a list of presenters. After you get the list specifically target the people you want to network with. You may want to target all of the males, all people in your city, or all people in a certain industry. After you find out what your target(s) is/are, pick out a specific number of people you want to network within the allotted time. Keep in mind if the event is about 60 minutes, you should expect to talk to about 3-5 targets. Sometimes you may not be your targets target, so don’t monopolize your targets time. Already have your spiel together as well as questions that will lead the conversation in the direction you would like for it to go. Also, DO NOT sit with colleagues or the person you came with.

After any event or meeting someone you would like to develop a relationship with, you should follow up with them within 2 business days. If you have not contacted them within 5 business days, FORGET IT!

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