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I ask the question not just because everyone likes to get freebies, but more than that. When I started iBuy Black on BBWO my primary goal was to giveback financially to other BBWO members and showcase the how Black Dollars are being recycled on BBWO. In the process I have gained so much more. When I started receiving the products I purchased, I was so impressed with the quality of the products and overall professionalism of the owners. It was nice to see everyones unique style, their business cards, packing, etc. In a nutshell, I liked that I was able to actually see what people were doing in a real life setting. Seeing what people are all about offline, is different from online. This is especially great for those whose websites, don't necessarily reflect or fully capture how amazing their products and/or services really are! Online shopping is popular, but nothing can ever really replace being able to see it for yourself.

With that thought in mind, I thought it would be great if more BBWO members could experience BBWO Live, being able to not only click but touch and take advantage of the great things that BBWO businesses are creating! So, in addition to members to continuing to share their purchase stories in the iBuy Black on BBWO forum, I want to start monthly contests and giveaways on BBWO.

Now I'm not quite a six figure sista yet, so though I would love to be the sole giver it is not possible for me to do so. But that's not the goal. What I would like is for both myself and all of you, to take advantage of this opportunity to market your products and services to BBWO Members by sponsoring a contest or giveaway.

I am a digital diva of sorts, so I intend on giving away digital prizes like - amazon gift certificates, free banner designs, eBooks, and things of that nature. You are free to do the same, but I am also interested in BBWO members who would like to giveaway:

- Product Samples
- Media (Books, Magazines, Cds, Cards, eBooks, Video)
- Clothing (t-shirts, tees, etc.)
- Accessories (Bags, Jewelery, etc)
- Marketing Material (Brochures, Business Cards, etc)
- Free Tickets to Events
- Free Services or Sessions

Again, the goal here is much bigger than being able to get something free. As business owners, we need to increase our visibility - marketability and one way to do so is to get more of our products and services in the hands of the public. Rather than think of it as giving something away for nothing, think of this as a marketing strategy to gain exposure through giving. Think about it, when you go to expos, don't you get a ton of free stuff! That's not just to make you feel good, the goal is always to get the word out about new products and services.

Today is a great day to take BBWO to the next level, by creating our own digital expo. Let me tell you how the contests / giveaways program will work:

1. Those interested in sponsoring a contest will let me know via email -, subject='BBWO Contest Sponsor'

2. In your email be sure to specify what you want to giveaway, the time duration of the contest, include any images you want to add

3. I will have to approve the content of the contest, and I reserve the right to refuse inclusion if I do not feel it is an appropriate contest.

4. Upon approval I will set up your contest feature on BBWO and notify all members

5. Members can then review the contest, and add a comment post as an indication of their entry. You can opt to create a contest that requires members to do something to win, like write something or answer a question. Alternatively, you can just create a giveaway, in which members simply submit their entry.

6. At the contest or giveaways conclusion, you can select a winner from the entries submitted or opt to extend the contest if their are not enough entries. Once you select a winner or winners, you are responsible for notifying them via the BBWO email system. Send them a message, and let them know if they need to give your their email address or mailing address to receive their prize. Please take note that on all contests it MUST be made clear that you will NOT use anyones personal information for anything beyond sending out their prize. Both sponsors and contest entrants must be aware of this, as neither BBWO or LaShanda Henry is responsibly or liable for any events or transactions that take place out of the agreed upon guidelines of BBWO Sponsored Contests and Giveaways.

7. You have the option of requesting prize winners to join your email mailing list, in the event that you would like to keep them updated on your latest products or services.

8. Prize winners will be asked to write a review of prizes, which will be featured on BBWO but also on their blog, if they have one. And in their review they are free to include their own business signature at the bottom, as a way to plug their business while helping to promote / support someone else's.

To summarize: You send me your contest idea. I set it up and feature it. Members enter the contest. You pick the winners and send them the prize. Then both sponsors can add prize winners to their mailing lists and winners write reviews on the prizes they received.

The Goal: To extend the BBWO Digital World to the Real World. Showcase Black Businesses through promotional marketing strategies. Reward active BBWO members with prizes. Build a stronger support network among the BBWO Community.

So let me know what you think about this, your comments are always appreciated.

BBWO & Beyond!

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I think this is a great idea. I am definately on board with this idea.

Sounds Great!
Hey Latonya,
I think that sounds great. I would be happy to find some items for you. I have some 30 day free trials for a new video product, it is a great way to market you business. If you have a second, check it out. It would be perfect for your business.
The website to check out is
Send video commercials all day everyday for $9.99 per month.
This includes: pay per view options (charge people for your workshop),
Live webcasts,
send videos to ipods, blogs ect.
The email receiver does not have to have the product to see your video. If you would like an example email me at and place in the subject- Send me a video. I think you will love it. Also, we (Urban Trendsetters is hosting the Ohio Black Family Celebration in Columbus, OH on Oct. 31-Nov.2. I would love for you to come and speak or conduct a workshop. I need to know your fees and schedule. I look forward to working and prospering with and through you and you through me. Let's network! If any other readers of this post would be interested in promoting your business, motivational speaking opportunities and more, feel free to give me a call or reply on this ning. Sorry my photo is not up, I can't seem to get it to load. (SMILE).
The newsmagaine website is You can read it online as well as we distribute throughout Ohio. BE BLESSED
Hey! I think that's a fabulous idea!
Great! I am glad to see that so many are on board with this new project. Remember than if you want to be a sponsor, send me the details via email. My email address and the instructions are detailed in this post.
Great idea!!

My inbox is packed, quite a few of you have sent me emails about sponsoring a contest! That was quick, yall are really reading my emails - lol.

If there is any way you think we can make this new feature better, I am open to suggestions.
Hi Lashanda,
I love it . This will be a great marketing tool that invite others to know BBWO exist and what everyone has to offer.

Sharen Casimere
Sounds Great
Fantastic idea! I've just completed another book, the Real Estate Agent's Agenda (2008-2009 Week @ A Glance) and will be offering it up for grabs. I'm emailing you now with my contest info.
Count me in .. I love giving back!!! GOd bless us daily to do so!


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