Tele-Class Replay: Are you wishing for web visibility or working on it?

Hi Webby People,

In the latest edition of Work and Web Women I am posing a question to you. With respect to generating more traffic to your site, are you wishing for web visibility or are you working on that? Do you know what I mean? Do you know if you have a seller’s mentality? Do you completely grasp the marketing skills required to market your web business?

Find these questions and my own personal answers in the latest Work and Web Women podcast:

Are you wishing for web visibility or working on it?

Work and Web Women Podclass Series
Created by LaShanda Henry
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Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! You woke my passive butt up!!!! Very inspirational!!!
Lol, make it happen ... :)
Hi Lashanda,

Thank You for sharing. I have implemented a lot of things based on your posts. For example, I have a travel blog - to bring visibility to my blog, I have joined Blogher and Digg. I blog at least 2 times a week, trying to get to 3 times a week. The next thing I need to focus on is the keywords that I use for my Blogs and building relationships with other bloggers in a similar industry. I just implemented analytics code from google on my Blog site to determine the amount of traffic I'm getting.

Just wanted to let you know, I love the work and webwomen audio information. Thank You for sharing your knowledge!

Go Teresa! That's great!
You are definitely doing your thing Carletta, staying current and aware of the latest technology is crucial.

With respect to your 4th comment, I just added a podcast on blogging. As far as podcasting, I got my inspiration from an amazing sista who is the queen of podcasting for profit - Leesa Barnes. Look her up and check out her blog, for tips.
Hi Lashanda -

I can totally relate to this topic on driving traffic to my site. When I first started out about 4 years ago I had no clue how to get people to my site so I started out by doing a click campaign which became extremely expensive. I then took the approach of doing ad banners on sites that had a lot of traffic that had a similar audience to what I was selling or promoting. Once I did this my sales took off. I then started seeking out all types of websites that had a lot of traffic of African American women and placing ads with those sites. Then I found as many black directories that were either free or had a small fee to post my listing. This really helped my sales and took my unique visitors up from 200 - 300 a month to in the thousands. Even though I had done this I still wasn't ranking in the search engines like I wanted so I did a little research and happened up on this e-book that was geared at getting top ranking over your competitors. I set a goal that I wanted to rank over my biggest competitor by the end of the year. I optimized all of my pages on my site, made a spread sheet of where I was currently ranking for a specific search phrase so I could keep track of my progress. I did the optimizing in late November 2007 and at that time was wasn't raking any where in the top 15 or 20 pages. By March and April 2008 I started ranking in the top three pages for 9 out of 12 of my top search phrases. Since then my unique visitors are just about around 10,000 a month which I consider awesome seeing how I was only receiving about 1000 this time last year.

Sizta 2 Sizta Healthy Hair Care Co.
Stacey, I feel like your story is a great example of what anyone can accomplish once you step away from the computer, set some realistic goals and work on making it happen. I did the same thing, at some point I had to figure out what my page rank was, who my competitors were, and use their success as both motivation and a framework for me to build my site.

Kudos to you, I have worked with you in the past and I know that you've worked hard to make yourself visible online.

That is awesome Stacey! It is inspiring to witness your progress. I'm sure it will help motivate others.
- Michele
What was the e-book that helped you?
I will find the name and post so others can also benefit
This is a great question as I am working on Search Engine Optimization. Things are finally coming together as people are now searching now that Zappos and other shoe retailers have run out of stock in certain items. I signed up for Yahoo Marketing and waiting for results to come in at the end of the month.
LaShanda I just listen to your podcast and you know I tell that to my clients on them working their websites because they expect me to work it for them and I explain to them they need to get out there an promote thier business not me.

I am glad that I join because you have so many good tools not just myself but for me to give to my clients as well.

Thank you.


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