As a web entrepreneur I am sure you now realize that starting a web business requires more than putting up a website. You need to have some basic web development skills so you aren't constantly struggling with a web designer. You need to understand internet marketing so that you can actually create a site that people go to. And you need to understand the fundamentals of web entrepreneurship, so that you can actually make money online.

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You are working it girl!!! I love your creativity and ingenuity. Thank you for being a pioneer and showing us the way to alternative means of work and building wealth.

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Hi there,
I'm a newbie to the web scene, but I already have a web site and web store up and operating for 1 year and nine months. I'm here to learn some new tricks to make more money on my web page and draw more traffic to it. I would like to get some advice and tips on how to draw more traffic to my site without all of the headaches to do it.
Ardella Gillis
Hi Adrella,

Driving traffic to your site is something that I talk about in more detail on the new network.

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I have just signed up to the web newbie network and I can't wait to get started!! I look forward to getting my feet wet, hands dirty and brain filled with knowledge. Thank you LaShanda for thinking about the new kids on the block.
I'm happy to have you in my new web coaching program Rajavu. You can now login and get started. Be sure to post your business in the member microscope area for feedback, and post any topic requests in the Q and A Forum. Straight to business, that's what its all about!

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