The BBWO Blogality Show - 5 Women Share their Startup Stories

The BBWO Blogality Show is my latest Brain child on the Black Business Women Network. It is a blog reality show of sorts, starring 5 BBWO members who have agreed to weekly blog post their Startup Business Stories in the BBWO Blogs. The goal is to create an opportunity for real business women to share their stories of entrepreneurship in the hopes that we can collectively learn from each other and support their growing businesses.

The Bloggers:
1. Christine
2. Aleshia
3. Natasha
4. Nirvana
5. Tracey

Want to know more about our Bloggers?
Check out their Successful Sista Profiles, to learn more about each bloggers business and bio.

Want to participate?
Be sure to regularly follow-up with our bloggers, adding comments and feedback. And feel free to add a link to your own start-up business posts in this forum! I would love to feature participating members and their businesses, so sharing your story is a great way to also get featured. After this 6 week cycle is complete, I will select 5 new bloggers with a new Blogality Show theme.

Each Blogality Show Participant has agreed to commit to:
6 weeks with at least 4 blog updates per week from May 19, 2008 - June 22, 2008. These blog posts will have to be either a description of something business orientated you are doing this week, a new resource you found, a customer experience worth sharing, something you learned, an interesting business related article, or a business site summary.

In exchange for participating each blogger is featured on BBWO for 6 weeks, their bios have been added to Successful Sista Profiles and they each recieve one free site submission to the Search Urban Directory on

Please note: I do not assume any rights over your posts nor do I or will I openly endorse any content which is posted on BBWO blogs other than my own. Each blogger is ultimately responsible for what she posts on her blog, as the readers are responsible for what they do with that information. This is simply an opportunity for us to share our experiences and learn from one another in a positive and supportive forum.

I think I can coin the term 'Blogality Show', I think so. Do you think so? LOL

- Stay Positive and Be Blessed
- LaShanda Henry

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Great idea! Can't wait to see how it goes!!
What a great idea - I look forward to reading the blogs.
Hope to learn more about others on the BBWO community!

This is such a wonderful idea. Cant wait to follow all of their stories
Remember BBWO Bloggers and Members,

All great posts will be featured on the main page. Even if you are not one of our featured bloggers, if you write an informative post related to starting a business or on your experiences has a startup entrepreneur, add a link to your blog post HERE and send me an email. It just might be featured on the main page!

The Blogs posts I read today were great! Keep them coming ladies! On a self promo side, Nirvana was very creative in adding her Banner to her post. Whether at the top of the post or at the bottom, adding your banner to your blog posts is a great way to promote your business, while sharing your insight with BBWO members.

Nirvana's Banner was designed by me - LHenry. If you would like to get a custom banner, please refer to the banners page for more details.
This is a great idea! Can't wait to find out more about the women here.
Awesome idea. Kind of something I had in mind with one of my discussions. I asked the questions with same concept. EACH ONE TEACH ONE!!!!!!! WAY TO GO Ms. Henry.


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