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Twitter is a powerful platform to engage with your readers, connect new
people and drive traffic to your site.

However, there are very few people really teaching how to take full
advantage of this powerful platform.
It took me quiet sometime to drive traffic from Twitter.

1. Post in Blocks:
One of the best ways to drive more traffic from
Twitter to your site is by posting in blocks of 3 -4 tweets at a time.
This way your tweets show up in a row giving you more exposure.

Make sure that all your tweets are of high value, last tweet being the
most important as that is the one that's going to show up on top. If
you do not know what to tweet about, you get some really good
content to tweet in the below sites.

2. Label Your Tweets:
Another way to get more clicks on your
tweets is to label your tweets. For example, FREE PDF: , VIDEO: etc..

"FREE Report: Grab this free report in which I revealed all my
traffic secrets ......."

You also need to re-tweet your most valued content 3 -4 times a day.
If you re-tweet them at different points of time in a day, your tweets
will be exposed to an entirely new set of audience.

The best times to tweet your most important content in Twitter: 12am
to 2pm, evening after 6pm.
From my observation, people are least active on Sunday.

3. This is the only URL shorterner that puts your
content infront of 8 million Stumbleupon users. You can schedule to
tweet your posts at any time or date in future. Thus, allowing you to
retweet your posts during peak times through out the day.

4. Hash tags: Use the most popular hash tags in your tweets.
Any word that starts with the sign "#" becomes a Hash tag which inturn
links to all other mentions of that word.

For example, if you go to Twitter search and search for "#marketing",
you will find a long list of tweets containing
"#marketing" in them.

So, including popular hash tags in your tweets can give you lot of

Few resources to find popular hash tags.

If you want to follow people talking about Facebook, you can search
Twitter using #fb hash tag and find a list of people talking
about Facebook. If you have a very good content or article on Facebook
which you want to tweet in Twitter, then you can use #fb
in your post.

I suggest you to use one or two popular hash tags in a single tweet,
without diluting their effectiveness.


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This is a great post! It will be tweeted to all our followers on @blackbizwomen. I will also feature in the next BBWO Newsletter - LaShanda
Hey! This is fantasic information. Really, a must have. Thank You!
This was great! Very helpful, thank you!

Soulful Engagements
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