This morning I began spreading the word about my soon to begin SistaSense Circle, a new group for the women in my circle who are information entrepreneurs (selling ebooks, services, or coaching online). This is all stuff that I do, know and love to teach, so I decided to create this group for you. When you join the circle we'll do a one-on-one session to talk about your business and as a group, for four weeks we'll talk about what your marketing is missing, how to sell information online, and how to become a well known expert in your field.

Is this something you would be interested in? If yes...

#1: I'm doing a Live Chat on for my fellow Infopreneurs who have questions about selling services, ebooks, coaching, etc. (link below). This live chat will continue all day tomorrow, Sunday, so be sure to join me on the website (link below) if you have questions.

#2: For some of you, your online business needed help yesterday, which is why I am eager to get this new group started asap. Once you join the circle, the first thing we'll do is setup a time for us to talk one-on-one about your business. Then we will get together as a group to let the new ideas in and the bad ideas go! There are currently 9 spaces left and the first group call is this coming Wednesday.

To join the Live Chat all Day Sunday, find out what is blocking your business today, and/or become one of the 10 women in my SistaSense Circle visit:

Let’s reconnect and start talking,
LaShanda Henry

p.s. When you click the link above you'll see details about the Live Chat in the top right sidebar. If you miss the chat don’t worry, you can still reach me by posting a question.

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Good Morning,

I have listen to the conversation and I was contemplating if I would fit in your circle. I am a travel specialist and I do tons of consultations with my clients and prospects. I would love to join if there's space.

Farrah Witherspoon
Owner / Vacation Specialist
Farrah's Exclusive Travels
Main: 301-645-6304
Hi Farrah,

There are still spaces left. If you have questions, let me know.

Ok great I would love to be apart of this. Please count me in.

Visit the website for signup details:
Once you signup, we can schedule your one-on-one consultation and I'll give you all the details for our first group session. All sessions will be recorded so you can download the replays.

Hello Lashanda, my name is Tot Garrett and I have been following you for a while now! You have given me great tips and advise. I would love to join your sister sense circle! You should also look into this new video technology called My Video Talk. I think that it will be a very useful platform for your business and clients! Let me know what you think......I know that you are busy....This is a must see! www.myvideotalk/212411 .

Thanks, Tot Garrett
Join SistaSense Circle!

After listening to the first conversation about LaShanda's SistaSense Circle, I signed up. I had my one-on-one consultation today with LaShanda, and to me, that made the entire program worthwhile. LaShanda is full of fabulous ideas both for marketing your business, and for getting your mindset straight with regard to your business.

If you are thinking about joining this group I'm encouraging you to jump right in. I've already learned so much and I've got a list of things to implement right away in my business.

Thank you, LasShanda, for such a value-packed program. I'm looking forward to Wednesday's call with great anticipation.


Evelyn Bourne
Thank you Eveylyn, how wonderful and unexpected!

I just sent you an email with the mp3 download of our call. I'm glad you found it well worth it and I CAN'T WAIT to work with you this coming Wednesday. I've already started thinking of some new ideas for your blog.

Talk soon,



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