What was your most valuable learning experience in first two years of business???

The way the business start off in first two years says it all. What can you share to help another sister to avoid pitfalls????

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It's interesting that you're the second person within a week that I've met on this site who is a personal assistant. I'm interested in possible taking work on as a personal assistant to supplement my incomes. What exactly to you do for your clients and how did you start?
Well you know it is a long story. Where should I begin. When you do personal assistant work it really depends on the person who employs you. Everything revolves around what they want and need. We can talk sometimes.
Getting past my initial fears - cleaning off my mental plate and just getting the business up and running! I have been a professor of psychology for many years and what I found is that as a college professor - you are the captain of your own ship everyday so working for somebody else made me cringe. I have great marketing skills and who better to market my skills than me? I decided that if I were going to sell a product or service - it would be my own. I'm having a great time so far - loving it all. The networking has been great - I'm learning a lot!!!

C Stoney
Transitional Life Center (TLC)
Getting past initial fears. Amen to that. We all have to get over that hump. And, in doing so we wind up juggling our job until we can fully release it. I do understand. The main thing is understanding we do have to steer the ship. No auto pilot. When you in business for self. You must show up to work!!!!! Thanks for sharing. Be blessed and safe.
One valuable tip that I would share with other business owners just starting out in network marketing, keep your personal and business relationship separate. This was a great lesson learn for me.

Now that is a good one. Very very valid point. However, it can work sometimes. Yet, it can be very sticky too. If can be avoided probably best idea. Now on other hand, I have to say when I did work with my husband our working relationship was excellent. I think with married couples it's easier if you are equally yoked. In my case the problem didn't come in that area.

I guess the thing for anyone to do is have major conversations about expectations beforehand. Talk it over thoroughly. Make sure you are on same page. But, be real careful and be sure to consider how you feel if you go in business and then relationship ends and you still work together. As women, we are emotional and that isn't always easy to cope with watching them with someone else when your relationship ceases. This can cause a major distraction in the business.
Great post...

My valuable learning experience- "getting deposits". I have found that people will let you work your behind off and then decide when they want to pay you. Wrong! Get deposits...

I love it. Thanks
Doing whatever it took to develop my business dream, into a reality. I just keep pushing the envelope, look for the opportunities in everything. Staying focus even with two young children at the time. Everyday you reaffirm your belief and your goals within yourself. So after 13 years in business and growing each day, now! I walk with GOD.
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