I just read this blog post 'Feel Like a Stranger' in which Trina, one BBWO member shares her feelings of disconnect to the BBWO community at large. I know this network is growing rather quickly, so I can understand that for some of you, its not quite clear how one gets connected on BBWO. If you do feel a disconnect, please share.

For those of you who are active members, with growing sister circles.. please share how you are being seen and creating connections on BBWO. Quite a few of us are making sales, participating in interviews, meeting at events, and gaining a wealth of information. This is a great opportunity to let our fellow sisters how to get started and make the most of BBWO.

As entrepreneurs we all need to know how to market ourselves, how to network, and how to work with one another. Now is the time to turn our weaknesses into strengths, and our strengths into life lessons that others can learn from.

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Hi Cheryl, love your books as always. But, more to the point, your comment was interesting. What do you mean by 'unreasonably vulnerable'? Do share... as I'm reading your post, I am contemplating the need for a networking howto section on BBWO? Anyone think this could be helpful? -lh
To use the word "NEW" would be an understatement for myself. As I am truly a new member of BBWO. However, I plan to use this one to the fullest benefit just as I do all the others that I'm linked to. I just scrolled through the first 20 pages noticed several of my friends.

To feel alone or ignored is easy. When I first got into a network someone made a statement, "that you get out of it what you put in." I work hard and try my best to build up the Kingdom. The only reason that I've been slow these days is because I've been in the hospital a few weeks. I still give 100% and it shows to me.

I've been a spotlight member, received free advertisement, been featured in E-zine, had several offers to have my books reviewed and it goes. I'm still working because God said HE still has more for me to do yet. As far as my illness, just "please be patient with me, God is not through with me yet". I still have better days to come yet.

Trina the days you're feeling left out drop me a line. I'll talk to you. I always have something to say and I'm sure we can get others in on it too. If anyone was the slightest bit concerned about feeling outside of the crowd it would've been me.

It's hard for me to comment to this because I know I've been offline from BBWO for a while...just busy working on other things. But I truly believe that networking is key and when you're self employed- everything you do represents you. While I am on the subject of networking...if I may- I would like to invite all and any Black Business Owners who may be interested, to Sponsor my 1 Year Anniversary Celebration, titled Color Me Curvy. I've been working hard (all day and night) trying to plan a successful event and I will tell you first hand and I know most of you can vouche on this one.... Finding sponsors is not easy, you will get more NO's than Yes's but you got to have faith and keep a positive mind.

That is why it is so important to have networks like BBWO- it takes the 'hide and seek' out of finding people who share similar interests and makes it easier than ever to build a network. We just have to utilize our resources.

Even though, I haven't as active as I'd like to be- I still receive friend request from BBWO members and invites to join networks and etc... but I know I can get so much more out of it.

Thanks for reading- please feel free to add me as a friend. *smile*
It's easy to feel lost in an online community because the face to face contact is not there. However, in my blog post Creating Relationships Online, I offer some tips and strategies on connecting, especially on BBWO.

Hmmmm... there are days when I feel lost... but it's only when I'm inactive. Even in one day.. so much happens. ok... don't laugh LaShanda... I'm always on now... I've made this part of my daily routine, I try to atleast check in and see what's going on. Then... I don't feel out of the loop. With the fast growth... BBWO is becoming more fast paced, and sometimes it seems a little hard to keep up. So... I try not to over extend myself... Stay active...just taking baby steps. Other than that... I'm comfy.
I have had the most validating experiences on BBWO. My brief encounters with other sister-preneurs proves that we are all One, Divinly connected. I don't expect to have this experience with everyone. But, with each request I send out, i receive a genuine response of support and recognition.

And I prefer not having a networking strategy. Every time I reach out to the community, it's from a sincere desire to connect with other like-minded women...and that's just what I get.


I so feel you on this statement:
And I prefer not having a networking strategy. Every time I reach out to the community, it's from a sincere desire to connect with other like-minded women...and that's just what I get.

For me, I may not participate everyday, but I try to read featured forum discussions and blogs and I have my settings to receive continued messages from discussions I've participated in so I don't miss anything.

It's just like what the bible says, whatever you sow is what you will reap. If you don't participate and sow into relationships and other people's businesses on the network, you will get lost and you will miss out on the many blessings of growing your circle, your network, and your business!! For those that are just getting started, you should make sure that you introduce yourself because I think most of us have commented there and are getting follow-up messages when new members join which gives us a chance to really welcome you and make ourselves available to help if we can.

Then there are groups. Join groups where you "fit" and get to know the folks in those groups. You'll see your circle, no matter how big it gets, become a little more comfortable as you get to know others.

I have to check in everyday. I feel so lost when I don't, as my inbox gets filled with emails from the different groups that I am part of as well as friend invites. It can be overwhelming, but in a great way.

As women, as humans, we need to stop giving up our power. While it is always a blessings when people usher you into an environment, as entrepreneurs, we have to learn how to carve our own way. I am quite sure that we have all met individuals that have undeserved power or recognition. Or better yet, people that succeed in an environment that seems totally out of their league (AKA hustlers). These individuals have learned how MAKE opportunities.

You get as much out of a relationship as you put in. Make yourself at home.
...As women, as humans, we need to stop giving up our power. While it is always a blessings when people usher you into an environment, as entrepreneurs, we have to learn how to carve our own way...

Yes, yes, YES!
No, I don't feel lost at all, on any networking site or event it's about what you make it ~ I've met so many Fabulous women here, I talk to some more than others at times but we're all wearing 5, 6 or 7 hats, so at times we may have time to network on-line, some are working full time, getting their businesses of the ground and taking care of the home, by the time they have a moment to regroup, they may prefer to take a hot bath, clean house, read a book or attend a networking event ~ either way, it's up to "US" we must decide to make it happen ~

This is a wonderful site, it's very much needed & appreciated, when Lashanda write blogs or start a conversation, it's up to "US" to take it to the next level, she's does it because it's her passion, it has to be, otherwise she would not have started BBWO.

I ask everyone to make the decision to just do it, introduce yourself and see what happens, we all want the best that GOD has for us so let's make it happen !!




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