I just read this blog post 'Feel Like a Stranger' in which Trina, one BBWO member shares her feelings of disconnect to the BBWO community at large. I know this network is growing rather quickly, so I can understand that for some of you, its not quite clear how one gets connected on BBWO. If you do feel a disconnect, please share.

For those of you who are active members, with growing sister circles.. please share how you are being seen and creating connections on BBWO. Quite a few of us are making sales, participating in interviews, meeting at events, and gaining a wealth of information. This is a great opportunity to let our fellow sisters how to get started and make the most of BBWO.

As entrepreneurs we all need to know how to market ourselves, how to network, and how to work with one another. Now is the time to turn our weaknesses into strengths, and our strengths into life lessons that others can learn from.

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I just became a member and I've been welcomed by a few members. I also scrolled through the first 30 pages of members and I actually reached out to some of the members. I found people who had similar interests as I and contacted them first. Maybe Trina can connect with people that way.
I honelsty haven't had the time to really do my browsing thru the site. There is a lot here and a lot of the links takes you to other sites so it gets kinda confusing. I definelty need to do more networking for my business. I just don't know where to start.
Hi LaShanda,
At times I too feel invisible to the large network we have here, but that was no fault of my own.

When I first joined, people did welcome me, they read my profile and showed a general interest in my business. As time went on, it sort of died down a bit, and people stopped leaving comments and viewing my page. I found that the more I contributed to other group forums and discussions, the more people started to be interested in me. As a familiar saying goes," the squeaky wheel get's the oil". It can be the same here. If you are shy, and don't contribute, you should almost expect to be looked over. Also, if you don't have a picture or pictures of your business people don't take you serious, for all I know you can be a "Spammer".
I didn't read Trina's post on being invisible, but I do feel for her. If she is getting out there and trying to network that I truly feel sad that she feels this way. If she is just sitting back hoping that people come to her, than she has to open up, join a group, participate in some discussions and everything will fall into place.

I truly see alot of woman out there and participating in a lot. They seem to be EVERYWHERE, but they have alot of knowledge and they are out their asking questions to gain that knowledge... there are a few woman on here that I can always turn to for advice and I LOVE that about this group.


Thanks I am new to BBOW and I want to know how to market myself and want to make sure I network. Thanks



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