Hi Sistas- I need your help on this one....

I am planning my 1 Year Anniversary Celebration for my organization. And my biggest obstacle so far is finding sponsors- I've serched through and yellow looking for businesses to contact- I've been doing alot of research on how to get sponsorship but it seems like I am going in circles. I know I will get more No's than Yes's but when will I get at least one Yes? Is the ecomomy that bad?

I would appreciate any feedback, direction, inspiration, or even a open door.

I didn't think $3000 was a lot of money to some, especially when it's for a good cause and in return, maximum exposure! If I can just get 10 businesses to sponsor by buying a half page ad in the program book or even 30 businesses to buy a business card ad... I would be thankful. Thankful for those who cared enough to lend a helping hand. A Act of Random Kindness is all it takes and can sometimes open many doors to success.

Thanks for reading. Be Blessed

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