I had the opportunity to attend the first night of our Sistapreneur Ms.Michelle's play titled IS THAT MAN YOUR HUSBAND. Ms Michelle, wrote, directed and starred in this wonderful stage production. The play ran from July 27th -July 29th in Las Vegas. I was impressed by the multitude of talent represented and the strong vocal range of the actors/actresses. It was a night of fun, good food, laughter and most of all giving praise to the Most High God. Let's all continue to give Ms. Michelle our love and support. I just want to say. You did it Girl. You Go. You are truly anointed in this genre.

Zanira Says SMILE

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thanks for your love and support... I am truly happy to know that you enjoyed yourself...
your kind words have inspired me to MOVE Upward in Jesus name
and once again ... thank you..

Love always Ms Michelle


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