Hello Ladies;

I wanted to share with you something that I learned the hard way. Trust me, I asked smarter, wealthier and business professionals for advise re; business practices, and would you believe no one said anything about getting a Line Of Credit ?

Although having a LOC is amazing "we" must also be responsible once obtained . The way it works is if you have a business acct, you may automatically be qaulified to have it attached to your acct, and 1 of the perks is you only pay on what you use.
Checking balances counts more than credit ( per my banker) so keep in mind once you close that big deal :) talk to your banker about a LOC. Another perk is they can start you of with $ 350-500., and the more you pay on the balance the higher your LOC can increase. :):)

I found that having a LOC allows me to keep my cash, invest it in another business or put it in a interest bearing account. Either way, we win !! Thought I'd share this goodie with my BBWO family ~

For more details speak with your personal banker ~


Royal T

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Thanks for that info...will definately have to look into that
No problem Margaret,

A few ladies said they didnt know anything about it so I thought I'd put it out for everyone ~
It's all about sharing info; so we all can win :)

Royal T
Thanks so much for that valuable information! Many blessings!
Hey Latrice,

Hope all is well with your family & business, what's the good news ?
ive started looking into this. thanks!
I knew about the line of credit, but can you explain how you use it to conserve cash and how it is different from a credit card?
Thanks, so much for sharing- very much needed info!
Thanks! All the Best!


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