Money means different things to different people. Money for some represent power, choices, value, approval, joy, peace, control.

I grew up with a distorted view of what it represents, or should represent. It was a source of arguments between my parents.

It was a tool to control others. Buying friendships. It was joy having it and sad spending it. It was used to shop to fill a void.

I was taught it was the root of all evil. Didn't know what that meant. Thought it was evil to possess. Taught by the church I attended as a child.

My abusers used it to manipulate and justify their acts. So there was this love/hate relationship.

What I'm trying to point out is: an unhealthy attachment to money that wreaked havoc in my life for years until the light shone to change the course of my life.

Would love to hear your perceptions, stories, revelations.

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I strongly feel the the lack of money can be the root of all evil. Money is a necessary thing that runs all societies everywhere, every minute of every day on this planet. Money is a constant that can make or break a person's ability to have more control of managing their lives and to know what it feels like to have a more formidable existence. I love money. Yes, there I said it. I absolutely love having money and the more of it the better. It is the oil needed for life's engine. Money always Matters and matters greatly to me.


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