I have been to so many programs about starting a webpage and it is so expensive
where and what can I do about this

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Thank you so much for the information Khrys I really appreciate advice

Thank you for your very informative, thorough and well researched response to this challenging, but, much needed marketing / advertising tool. It's not surprising that you are a >"Posh Goddess" !!

Pearls of Wisdom, LLC Event Management Company

Get a Microsoft Office Live starter website. Its free and it has a lot of the tools you need to create a professional looking website without the graphic designer. May I ask, what kind of business do you own?
I have two webstes, both of them professional looking, both of them hosted by Yahoo, both of them only 11.95 each to keep. And I was able to completely skip the graphic designer. Yahoo was having a special where your first month is only 7.77. I don't know if they stil are though. If you just want a domain name, Yahoo can help at $9.95 per year. I love Yahoo. Its great. I suggested Microsoft Office Live becuse a friend of mine has it and her website looks great. Fell free to browse my pages and see what you think, and
I am currently offering my web design services at very affordable prices. Holiday sales starting at $250.

Web Design by lhenry. Official Link Url:
Madam CJ, I am a success coach, and one of the first things I try to get my clients to understand is that everything is negotiable. The bulk of the price is the hosting and domain names. You can obtain web hosting service, on your own, for $79 per year from with unlimited email and lots of perks. You can always talk to a web designer and ask them how much of their fee is the actual web hosting. (Most designers that offer hosting get bulk discounts so you probably couldn't get it for their price anyway). Many designers will factor in about $200 to $250 for their services and pass that fee on to you. But if you ask, and explain that you are a startup, someone will be willing to discount that for you. You just have to ask around. Lashanda's offer sounds like a very good deal. I say check out her work and maybe you two can network and maybe work something out. One more thing, just like everything else, you have to look beyond the price, yes you should determine how much you are willing to pay and stick to it, but also consider the value that you get with services and make sure you're comparing apples to apples.
Kendall Thank you for your inside info get in touch with you after the Holidays taking a break from business
and enjoying the family in the meantime Happy Holidays and blessing to you and yours
Greetings, Startlogic is only 84.00 / yr maybe even less if they are running a special.

Did you ever get your website done? I'm running a special through April 15th for $150.

I think the cost of a site depends on the dynamics that you are looking for. My better half and I both provide websites.

For those that only need a web presence and are fine with text and pictures, I provide the lower cost sites. I can do that because the hosting company I use provides templates that I can customize and the hosting cost is an annual fee as opposed to monthly. Once the site is built, there are no other charges and it's easy enough for most people to manage themselves and I'm usually a phone call away to help when needed.

For those that want a custom designed site and need more flash, animation, e-commerce, contact management systems, etc., he does them at a higher rate and that is because it takes time to write the code, the programs, graphic design, etc.

So, a site can be as low as $150 all the way up to $5,000. It just depends!!
You can start with $9.95 and anywhere from $12.94 to $25.00 a month, depending on whether or not you need e-commerce. I assist business owners like yourself get started. You are responsible for the monthly fees and design costs. Minimum design fee is $50.00 for one page and then $25 for each additional page up to 5 pages. After 5 pages the price structure changes.

You can view my website at
My email address is
Can you also help us with our website /suggestion for logo /branding and building..
please email me
thank you so much


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