I have been to so many programs about starting a webpage and it is so expensive
where and what can I do about this

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Yes, I can but I would need some information about your business: vision, goals, products and services. You are asking for a Marketing Strategy which we can supply to you, or a full business plan if you have not done so. Logo/branding and building requires a strategy. Let me know if you want our price list.
Send me your contact information:
HI everyone. I also use Yahoo's small business services and got my domain name and website from them. I pay $11.95 a month for my site. Sitebuilder is the service that provides the templates and the site. It's very easy to use for a beginner. There are extra features that can be added on for an additional price like a merchant store. I'm still working through adding paypal to my site. All in all I like the service.

Check out my site and let me know what you think.


Zondre Morris
Cocktail Cakes
$11.95 is the basic cost for 5 pages to include e-commerce I think that Site Builder and Yahoo Small Business charge more. I have used both and prefer Yahoo Small Business over Site Builder.

Both are good and user friendly if you have some computer skills. Without computer skills I would still suggest using a web designer.
I use a free web service and I purchased a domain name from yahoo small business sector for a $1.99. You can have it to were when people type in your purchased domain name they are them forwarded to your free webs site without even knowing. Check out my website to see how it looks

Good luck!
Hey there.

It depends on what you want your website to do!! There are do it yourself sites with free built in templates that are VERY easy to manage without the cost. I can put up a website in a week for less than $200. That includes your annual hosting fee of $33.

Contact me if you are interested!! I require $100 upfront and the balance upon completion and I work with you up to 30 days after the site is "finished" to make changes and show you how to manage it yourself or, if you don't have time to do it yourself, I charge a $25/mo webmaster fee.

I have put up several sites using - Here are mine a few I have done recently:
I have used a few sites out there, as well. I generally use GoDaddy for domains and handling things on my own. ( is another free site that I would recommend. It's easy to use, you can add widgets, and so forth. Buy the unique domain name and forward it to the free Weebly site. I've started to do more with WordPress and Blogger because a lot of the time, you don't need a full-blown website. And it's easier to maintain. My is a combination of Weebly and WordPress. I'm working with a couple of designers to customize a new Blogger page to make it more interactive which should be up within a week. I'll post the url when it's completed.

Hello again ladies,

Here is a link for promo codes that you can copy and paste into your checkout to receive discounts.

I have been offering websites for just $199. Recently a colleague suggested that I raise my price because people will judge the quality of my work by my prices. So the pricing on my websites are listed at $299. But I would be happy to accommodate anyone here for $199. Please view my work and details at one of my two websites below. The one on the top follows the conservative "web 2.0" model and is fully CSS / XTML compliant. The one on the bottom is more unique and meant to be fun.

---==={ }===---
---==={ }===---
Is this for your catering business? If yes, you should consider a blog website and host it yourself.

Buy a domain name, get hosting, and install a self-publishing platform like WordPress.

WordPress blogs have "pages", which can be used like traditional web pages - about, services, etc.

But the main thing about having the blog is that it's a one-stop shop for your pr, photos, recipes, and anything else you'll be doing to promote your business.
If you are extremely tight on funds start with to get started. Then after you have a good number of clients then progress to a professional web designer.

The most important feature of your site, after you have made sure you have a quality design, is text. A big mistake I see a lot of small business owners make is that they concentrate too much on the design but not the text. Make sure your text is straight and to the point and above all persuasive. Don't be afraid to "ask for the sale" or prompt them to contact you. For more tips on web design you can visit my blog How To Design A Good Web Site.

Also custom web sites starting at $199 are available at They also have a few business web site templates reasonably priced at $9.99.
If you want to start an online business or create your own website, visit my new website:, and there you will find some information that I think can help you.

Take Care,


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