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Hey there,

It's been a while since I've showed up and out here at the BBWO, however, none of you have been forgotten. I have been super busy with summer camp for my daughters, moving from Baltimore city to Baltimore County, expanding my Soul Purpose venture and networking with some wonderful women.

I hope all has been going great for each and every one of you reading this post, and if not, what can we do to help you change that? Have you been feeling less than satisfied with your personal or professional goals? Have you reached out to your mentor or accountability partner to give you that boost of energy when you need it?

I am so jacked out of my mind about Soul Purpose that I NEED it to be a household name. Many of you may be asking, what is SOUL PURPOSE? The short story, is that the Founder and CEO, Nadine A. Thompson, former CEO of Warm Spirit has DUG ANOTHER WELL.....What GOD has given her in talent, NO MAN can take away from her. I would like to invite each of you to our opportunity overview to share in the love that she has placed into this company.

Our products have been developed to nourish the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT and were made for all "shades of brown". Simply put, we are on a mission to change the face of Network Marketing and show the world what "WE AS WOMEN CAN DO". Yes, Soul Purpose is open to the male gender but it has too often been said that "black women can't work together". Well, watch us.

The Soul Purpose Freedom Train is leaving the station. Do you have your ticket? All Aboard.

More to come: Stay tuned

Chiezda Washington
Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Managing Associate #155
Prosperity Hotline: 1-866-717-1224 (24/7)

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You GO girl!!! I'm on the train with ya! I'm going to give you a call later today to talk about some strategies... Be blessed! Have a wonderful, purposeful day!!
Hey Chi! I have definitely found my Soul Purpose!!!! And this is only the beginning. To anyone who is interested, this is a groundfloor opportunity! Don't wait until Soul Purpose is a household name to join! Get your business started now!

Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur #147
You are so right about that one. Dierdre, I can't wait to meet you at conference. The energy is going to be THROUGH THE ROOF. Nadine is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. and I need my cognac Diamond. Take care and keep being a blessing to others.


Keep pursuing your dreams

In Service,

Thanks Stan. I feels great to know that you are still keeping your eye on us "youngsters" in the business.

Have a prosperous rest of the week and a restful weekend.

Chiezda W.
Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur #155

Visit: TODAY!
I was wondering where Nadine had disappeared to. Best of luck with your new business.


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