Im working on my bridal show and I need pics of AA couples. If your a photgrapher, get back at me. Full credit will be given for photos used on the website.

I also need to know if there is a charge for using your pics.


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If you are looking for quality photography for cheap, I suggest istockphoto - royalty free images starting at $1. It's my not-so-secret special place : )

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Thanks Lashanda, Imma check there and I got some folks that sent me leads to some photographers.

When do you need the photos by?
We are getting married August 21st in Japan.
But I am going to plan a photo shoot soon. I could work on some stuff for you.
Oh and you would let me use your photos? Awhhhhh...thanks. As soon as you can, my show isnt going to take place till next summer but Im working on the site now.

Thanks! *hugs* And Congrats!
I'll email you.
Happy Dance....thanks!
I tried to send you my wedding pic and it didn't take any suggestions of submitting it to you?
Email it to me at and thank you


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