What are we doing here?

Are we so blind that in these times we cannot recognize how this existence is not what the Creator had in mind?

Who told you that you throwing your cancer filled poisonous cigarette out of your pollution exhausted vehicle was an expression of being kind?

There are children whose stomachs are touching their backs because of your selfless selfishness. You visit your high class restaurants, wine and dine on your four course feasts and they have no idea where from or when they will get their next meal. It becomes instinct for them to rob and steal.

Rap songs singing about Maybachs, dope, weed and video vixen hoes. All the while little Daquan,14 years old was listening to your explicit lyrics and now being shipped up North because he was just doing what he was told. You weren’t realizing that you are the cause that creates the effect; all you were concerned about was how many records you sold.

Girls with no respect for themselves, no pride for their inner beauty; I am sorry to tell you little princess now-a-days, it is not what you know; you can only receive attention if you wear less clothes. They are no longer concerned with what kind of degree you earned, it’s about whether you can bend over and touch your toes.

What happened to afros, fists up and prideful sistas wearing dashikis? Black men standing strong and proud, believing within themselves and saying, “I will allow nothing to defeat me!”

Where are the KRS Ones, the Public Enemies, and the Poor Righteous Teachers? All we have now are some untalented empty hearted studio gangstas whose words do not come close to mentally feeding us.

Fathers worked hard to put food on the table and mommas stayed home for the kids. Now more than half of our Black parents are up state doing a bid.

Young Black soldiers walk our streets; some have no clue what it’s like to be a kid. No time for relaxing on the porch eating a big stick, his shoes beat the concrete every day and night. He strives to make up for what his parents did.

Actually the problem is beyond that. There is more to it than just that fact. It is about what the men and women didn’t do. When they were allowed to be free, they chose to stay slaves and failed to show the ones who came after them the keys and elements they needed in order for their lives to improve. They forgot to tell them that they were Kings and Queens and this is not the life for which they always knew. They forget to show them that they were innately dynamic and that it is the light that they must pursue. They failed to tell them that they were conquers and that they must portray this in everything that they do. They neglected to tell then to awaken the power and might within them, wake up and no longer be subdued. They were unsuccessful in mentioning that it must be themselves that they must first choose.

It is my assignment in this life to not only show them where they came from and who they have been. It is not only my mission to prove to them that they can function with the strength from their ancestral kin. It is not only my sole position to take them places that they will know they have once been. But it is my primary task and concern that they know and believe that they can win with the God within.

Literary Thought
© Copyright 2008

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