Hello Ladies!
I hope that this message is finding you all in good health and spirit. I am in need of some advice from my event planning and fashion industry sistas. I have some event planning experience, but have never planned a fashion show and am wondering if you might be able to assist me. I am coordinating a charity fashion/talent show with about 10-15 people from various churches in my area to raise funds for the homeless and possibly the war in the Sudan. We've got only a few basics nailed down like we want to target 21-40 year olds who live in around our county and other cities on the outskirts and we want to put on as professional a show as possible while keeping costs low.
We haven't worked out a budget yet as this is going to be a sponsored event and we have yet to work out the best way to solicit sponsors and actually receive a response from them nor how much we should be asking for.
What I would like to know from you is how you would go about the basics of planning a fashion show centered around a theme, ours being a global passport to four different countries with the music, fashion, food, and decor all centered around those countries.
If you can offer any advice on this, I would greatly appreciate it and look forward to networking with you.
Have a great day and God Bless!

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