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It is our GREAT pleasure to introduce to you, Mira Connextionz, ! This joint venture between Widows Webb Magazine & W.O.W Radio has started to connect the Indie industry to their supporting communities. The Indie artist and entrepreneur has always been the focus of both media outlets -- WW Mag on the print aspect and W.O.W on the broadcasting side. It was only natural that these two companies collaborate to form the strongest and most loyal resource for the Indie.

Mira Connextionz contains various key sections:

• E-Mind (Entrepreneurial Info)
• Our Truth (The critique corner)
• Artizt Grove (Artist content)
• The "IT" Faxtor (Features)
• Indie Newz
• Biz Servixez

By connecting all of these various components, Mira Connextionz will be a driving force in the Indie Movement! Shear love and respect for the Indie artist is what motivates us daily. We absolutely look forward to connecting with Indie artists and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Our existence and continued success is owed to YOU, the Indie. Your determination, creativity, and self-expression is APPLAUDED...

Caribgem & Mariposa Mukti...

MIRA CONNEXTIONZ September'08 Contest

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