Hey everyone! I'm in Chicago and I'm just curious as to who my local resources are and who I can be a local resource to. If you're in Chicago, respond here and let me know what you do, so we can connect! If you do business in Chicago but are not from here, reply here too!

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Hi Kendall, I am always back and forth in Chicago!
Hi Kendall,

I love what you doing for our girls! I will forward your information to some of our local homeschool groups.

I am here in Chicago and I work primarily with Women Executives, Entreprenuers, and Professionals as a financial coach. Are you in any of the local women business organizations? If you need any additional resources for networking or if you are interested in speaking engagements let me know. God has brought so many wonderful women into my life...I'd love to share some resources with you.
Hi Kendall! I'm hear in Chicago as well! I'm a member of New Life Covenant Oakwood Church, born and raised in the South Suburbs; but spent most of my time on the Southside! I currently have my own prayer jewelry business selling prayer bracelets and my own on-line shopping mall! I love to shop so having my own on-line mall is a huge benefit for me and anyone else loves to shop! Would love to chat more! Maybe we can meet up someday!

I just saw your post that said you attend New Life mother church. The president of our company attends there.. his name is Matthew Sapaula...he's on the financial ministry board. I have been meeting
some of the nicest people from your church. We have to get together for lunch one day soon.
Greetings From the South Side!

I am also based in Chicago. To familarize yourself with my ministries, log on to (website) and (networking). I attend Salem Baptist Church of Chicago (currently known as the House of Hope) under the leadershi[p of Pastor James T. Meeks.

I look forward to networking with you in the very near future.

Continued blessings, and as always...

Happy Reading!

P. M. Morris

I am also a South Sider....i am excited to know that Chicgo is represented on this site.....

Feel free to stop by page, Tiffany's Editing Cafe!!!!
West side all the way!!! Oh, and for the church ckeck in I go to New Life Covenant as well, (which is a network of churches that are about 7 churches strong) but I attend the mother church in Humbolt park. Anyway.... If anyone is interested, the P.R.E.T.T.Y. Ladies project, a self-esteem and self-development program from black and Latina teen girls is looking for volunteers and board members. If you are interested in volunteering, joining our board, or know someone who is, please reply here or send me a message with your email address and I will forward some information to you. We are also recruiting girls, as our next program cycle begins in March. You can email me directly for details at, or visit our website for more information
I am based in Chicago - Southwest
and I would love to network with you ladies on a more personal level!
Hello, my business is in Chicago Heights, IL. (south sub) Live Scan Fingerprinting go to my website (schools, loan officer, nurses you can also have a fingerprint check done on yourself. May God continue blessing each and everyone of you.


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