I need some fresh ideas with a business name. I want one name to group all of my businesses. I am a travel agent and indepedent beauty consultant. Can you ladies please help me out.

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How about using your name? Since people have a hard time accepting that a person can be interested in and succesful in (supposedly) unrelated business ventures, using your name can alleviate any confusion. Also, using your name is an effective branding tool that keeps you in the mind of your prospects, without having them associate you with your service. What this also does is help them associate you with what you leave clients with and not with the end result (reservations and cosmetics)


Cabrini (Haynes) Lifestyle

The Cabrini (Haynes) Group

Cabrini (Haynes) Lifestyle Consulting

Cabrini Lifestyle Management

Cabrini Travel & Leisure

Your last name is in parentheses as an optional inclusion. IMHO, but not to be mistaken for the truth, your first name works just fine.
Hey Cabrini,

Why not something simple like Beautiful Travel by Me!....."Where Beauty and Travel Meet" or "I'll Help Your Beauty Take you Away"
You could put together an event like a cruise to cross promote both businesses.

It's simple, to the point and it includes both aspects of your business. I am by far not an expert on these things but that is my suggestion. I hope it helps. The name you choose is important.

Also remember that you have to teach people who you are and what they can expect from your business anyway (branding) So whatever you choose make sure to put your best foot forward by deciding who you want the public to see when they look at you.

I also agree with Melissa that using your name can be very effective. Cabrini is a pretty name.

You may want to check out my blog post on the importance of doing your financial homework.
Thank you both very much for your suggestions. I love all of them!


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