NAWOU, The National Association of Womens Organizations in Uganda, is a non-governmental organization representing over 1000 groups of women in Uganda. The organization provides the women of rural Uganda with a network where they can discuss issues of their communities and offers a consolidated presence throughout the country and the world.

Uganda is an agrarian culture, with most crafts made from vegetable matter including raffia grass and fiber from the banana plant. The women of the country are often the breadwinners of the family and spend much of their day weaving baskets to sell in the local and international markets. Their profits from the sale of crafts are used to provide the basics for their families, including food, health care, and education.

The women are proud of their tightly woven coil baskets and are still amazed that people around the world want to own them. has just received a shipment of a particualar basket. Woven by women of rural Uganda, this basket has coils of raffia in a Blue / Purple flower design. The basket is approximately 11" in diameter and 3" deep and has a loop for hanging. Please have a look at our Whats New section. If you like this sort of thing and wish to support the women of Uganda, we will be happy to bring in a variety of different styles of the baskets. Please thing of the next time you are gift shopping. Anything you purchase on our site will benefit a community somewhere in Africa. We try our best in particular to support women and communities in need of help.


In an African cultural context ubuntu means, a person becomes an ancestor worthy of respect or veneration based on how they interact with humanity.

The Art of Ubuntu pays a fair price for products in an effort to be a part of the economic solution for all African communities. Proudly display these culturally significant items in your home or office and embrace the notion of Ubuntu, benefiting yourself and our brothers and sisters in Africa.

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