So I know that many of us are members of different networking sites. So I was thinking that i don't want to start another one but I would like to do sort of a banner exchange with people who I am already in a networking site with. So. Check out my blog.
It is a lifecoaching blog. If you feel that you have a service/product that would fit in with helping someone better themselves, then maybe I could add your banner or your link to my page.

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I would like to cross network with you. I am a real estate agent in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area. I help people create wealth and provide them a home to love and grow in. Let me know what you think!

Sounds great! Do you have a banner or would you just like for me to add your link? Once a person is right on the inside or even while they are in the process of working on it, a new home can be the icing on the cake to make you feel and see that you are accomplishing some goals that you have set forth in your life. I am not a homeowner yet, but can imagine the feeling I will have once I put the key into MY first home that I own. Feels great just thinking about it.
hmmm how do I make a banner? I need a banner.

And do you live in this area? If so I would be happy to meet with you to get you on the road to homeownership. =)
I don't know how to make one. I think there is a someone on here that does that type of stuff though. I can just add your link if you want. No, I don't live there. I'm in NC.
You may have received this answer already but you can make a FREE banner at! You can also try ( they have banners that are free or up to $19.00)

Sharvette Mitchell
Mitchell Productions, LLC
Hi! I saw your post, and I've just started a mini-site that is dedicated to collecting networks and forums that are useful! Take a look at and please let me know what you think back on this site! I just started it, and I will post a forum here as well.

Sky Sister
It looks good, you have a lot of useful information and networks. BTW, i love craigslist.
This is good, the power of unity is our community!! We all have gifts our strength is in sharing and supporting one another recycling our dollars !!
Thanks for participating in this discussion. If you are ready to be added to my blog then just email me your confirmation to
Hi Janovia! and all my sisters out here!
I don't have a banner but I definitely have a blog and would love to exchange links, with any of my sisters here. My blog is
Gail's YTB Travels
Send me over an email with your website and info! This was a great idea!


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