Hey Family,

I feel so blessed to be able to share my voting experience with you all. Early, yesterday morning I took my little son and his father and we went and Rocked the Vote! My mom voted today, and I've been speaking to family and friends who are doing the same. We've only got six days left, so I felt obligated to spread the word to you, my friends, please go out and vote!

And not just that, encourage your friends and family to do the same. Whether you give them a quick reminder by phone, send out a text message to your girls, or an email to your associates, be a voice for CHANGE by encouraging others to go out and take part in shaping our history!

I am an Obama supporter. If you are too, visit the site below and find your local voting station:

Spread the Word: It's Time to Vote!
LaShanda Henry

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Hey Lashanda;

Glad you had a great experience, we did to, it took us about 15 minutes, we were in and out; and it is a blessing to vote, we gotta do it ! It's our time , Yes we can !!!!




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