I am conducting a 30 to 40 minute recorded interview of single parents.
The title of these interviews is 21st Century Strategies for the Single Parent. The recordings will be produced into a 4 to 6 CD set. This will be used as a training tool for our inner-city communities across the United States. I am going to select 3 candidates for the remaining 3 slots. If you qualify, and are selected, you will receive 1 copy of the finished product free of charge, and monetary compensation for your interview. Interested participants contact me at

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This sounds interesting Val, if you haven't already done so, you should repost this on the Black Moms Club. You might want to say 'Interviews with Single Parents Wanted. Get Free Book and Compensation' or 'Moms Get Paid. Interviews with Single Parents Wanted.'

Good luck!
thanks for your advise. I appreciate any suggestions you have.


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