As Black Business Women, Mother's & Sister's how do you teach black history to your children? Better yet, do you believe it's important?

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I believe it is important for everyone to know their ancestry and current history of those who look like them....My daugher is 7 and I am in the process of learning ways to teach her......My 2008 reolution is to learn more of our history this year so it won't be "the blind leading the blind"....

Great topic...I need ideas..

Hi Tiffany:

You are so correct. Our children must see themselves more often in various degrees of success. When I started my project, you will not believe how much I learned about our ancestors. My teaching tools educate children but I'm equally a student as well. It's going to take a lot of work in terms of building our community. I believe the word "longsuffering" is going to be my new theme for 2008!
teaching Black History is extremely important. I hav taught my children about their heritage from when they were young. I bought books, games, videos, magazines or anything that had a positive reflection of Black hisory. I made sure to point out important historical days. for example today is King Day and we spent the day listening to speeches and watching movies re: the civil rights era.
That's awesome Gail "spent the day listening to speeches". I do alot of community outreach to promote black history education for children and I wish I had good news to report but sadly 98% of the parents are hindering the children. Also, 82% of my customers are men. Naturally, you would assume women are the forerunners in the household for this type of education.
Good eve and blessings great . . .

I believe it is critical to teach our children black history to better instill self-esteem and self-identify within them . . .

There are plenty of African Centered schools who provide such curriculum to their students . . .

At UDI, we share with our children the teachings and achievements of our people as represented by the colors of our culture so they grow pride, power and purpose so necessary to overcome the majority of today’s society and media. We also empower them with the knowledge they need to achieve their dreams, and to better our people and planet . . .

One in UniTee and all the best always . . .

R. Lee Gordon
UniTee Design, Inc. - Atlanta / NYC / Detroit
Toll Free: 888.OUR.RBG.TEES
This is so wonderful!

Once you build their self-worth it can counteract all of the abusive and profane devices young people tend to gravitate to for attention. Young people are doing everything to themselves in the name of following fads and trends but they do not have to sell themselves short just to fit in. I'm really trying to promote modesty. Finding a loose goose comes a dime a dozen but real gems allow themselves to remain in the ruff until they're found.

The way a person presents themselves says alot about what is going on inside.
YES! Being a product of prep schools and seeing nothing but majority faces, I feel it is very important that I instill in my children that they can do anything and pointing out people who did. Example, my daughter said she wanted to be a ballerina, so of course, the teachee in me whips out "Amazing Grace" a story about a black girl who played Peter Pan in the school play even though everyone said she couldn't. She's only three, so I can't be too heavy handed, but I try to make sure that they have books with black faces and talk about people in history who were black.
When you have a chance, visit, and watch her documentary "A Girl Like Me" . . .

It broke my heart, but made my calling quite more obvious and immediate . . .

One in UniTee and all the best always . . .



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