When you do not receive the service or product you were offered or
promised, contact the provider, and keep these things in mind.

Do not waste time speaking to the wrong person. It may feel good to
emotionally vent with the first person you reach, but, you will have
just wasted good time and have to explain your situation over again.

Give yourself ample time to complete your call, especially when you
are sent to voicemail madness.

Do not call from your job if you do not have ample time. Reach the
company prior to going to work or right after you get from work.

If you must, authorize the company to provide information to an
individual designated by you. Confirm what authority you are giving
that individual.

Get the name and department of the person you speak to. Write down
the information. You will need it.

Include the date and time you made your call and the result of that

Get the mailing address of the current department of where to mail
any in formation to the company.

Ask for compensation for your inconvenience. You are paying for a
service you are not receiving.

Be prepare to choose another service provider. Never commit
yourself so deeply with one company, that you will be the one, to suffer major setback, if you sever ties.

Stand up for your rights, do not accept anyone trying to bully you
into a decision that is not acceptable to you.

Accept the consequences for your actions, but pay no more than
required. Any special conditions set forth by your provider, thoroughly investigate, before your agreeing to accept.

When dealing with people, who are directly effected by machine
output, be prepared for errors.

Sometimes, many errors. Document your contacts and the results of
those contacts.

Stay focused to what your are trying to accomplish, avoid getting
stuck on small things, stay focused on actions that will better your results.

Do not stop until you have completed your goal. You may not get it
done in one, two, or even three attempts. Just relax and establish a
new date to pursue what your goal is.

Remember, If your agreement
Ain’t in Writing
It Ain’t an agreement.

If you require assistance in this matter please contact me at ( )

copyright 12/05
For the record, remembering this info, just help me recover $80 ( that was going to have interested applied to it). Rickey Have a great day!!

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