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Bishop CD Miller
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In a "DA-WONDER," " WHERE HAVE I BEEN-IN AMAZEMENT," and " NOT A CLUE???!!! recent interview-"Obama's Web Magic, " CNN's correspondent, Rick Sanchez probed Rolling Stone's Contributing Editor, Tim Dickinson about his current Rolling Stone's cover story article:

The Machinery of Hope
Inside the grass-roots field operation of Barack Obama,
who is transforming the way political campaigns are run


"...Over the past year, the Obama campaign has quietly worked to integrate the online technologies that fueled the rise of Howard Dean —as well as social-networking and video tools that didn't even exist in 2004 — with the kind of neighbor-to-neighbor movement-building that Obama learned as a young organizer on the streets of Chicago. "That's the magic of what they've done," says Simon Rosenberg, president of the Democratic think tank NDN. "They've married the incredibly powerful online community they built with real on-the-ground field operations. We've never seen anything like this before in American political history," reports Dickinson' cover story.

"In the process, the Obama campaign has shattered the top-down, command-and-control, broadcast-TV model that has dominated American politics since the early 1960s. "They have taken the bottom-up campaign and absolutely perfected it," says Joe Trippi, who masterminded Dean's Internet campaign in 2004. "It's light-years ahead of where we were four years ago. They'll have 100,000 people in a state who have signed up on their Web site and put in their zip code. Now, paid organizers can get in touch with people at the precinct level and help them build the organization bottom up. That's never happened before. It never was possible before." Sanchez reflecting on these quotes, dialoged with Dickinson regarding this effective online communications approach.

"Obama's Web Magic" is NO NEW NEWS for Women In Ministry! "A fascinating kids got it and I didn't!" Rick Sanchez, in the dark about internet communications trends, remained clueless after repeatedly asking Dickinson "HOW TO" questions about current internet/web communications strategies. This interactive communications phenomena which has been launching Obama with over the top results is A NO NEW STRATEGY for developing an online interactive community! Women In Ministry, forged from traditional pulpits, DAILY HAVE MASTERED OBAMA's STRATEGIES AND MORE! Women In Ministry have raised online pulpits and developing unbelieveable interactive audiences as well as grass root ministries globally now, FOR YEARS!

The wedging of women out from the traditional pulpit has forced many female ministers to online communications. Bishop CD Miller, a retired New York City Communications Design specialist and now full time clergy woman coaches a countless audience on the "HOW TO's" of content publishing and building the interactive grassroots voice as well as audience online. As a former Mid-Atlantic Broadcast Art Director with a design affinity to the monitor, Bishop Miller pushes the envelope of online FREE web tools for developing web ministry, internet evangelism and cyber church. Her "HOW TO" tips are captured in her online communications series, "Casting In His Net!" Her virtual ministry is an extension of her reality ministry.

Uniquely, she analyzes the communications strategy of Jesus Christ in her coaching series. Jesus Christ is one of the world's greatest communicators of a message for change. Though PHYSICALLY DEAD, HIS MESSAGE OF "HOW TO LIVE LIFE ABUNDANTLY" AND HIS AUDIENCE CONTINUE ITS REACH! How has this content message and communications strategy resounded throughout the ages???!!! Bishop CD Miller parallels this theological "one to one" marketing strategy to the effective usage of current online internet navigation tools. Building at internet strategic interactive communications architecture and platform unfolds the mystery and is the unlocking key to reaching a countless audience.

"Casting In His Net" and Bishop CD Miller as "Information Theologist" is cutting edge communications branding. Creatively seaming: blogs, podcasts, Web 2.0 personal social networking, email groups, web portals, mp3s, videos, web photo albums and MORE for outreach ministry as well as church development is the strategy. While remaining quite committed to the local worshipping assembly, Bishop Miller uses the internet to reach an audience not otherwise accessible. She enlightens a global audience to this POWER for communicating, connecting and building meaningful, safe relationships. Developing a loyal INTERACTIVE audience and voice is strategic. Bishop Miller is joined daily with countless Women In Ministry who HAVE MASTERED these online communications technologies and strategies. Tell us something we don't know or...shall we say, "Let US TELL YOU something YOU don't know!"

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