Hello sista's

I hope all is well with everyone!

Here's my question, Have you ever been working on a project that you've put everything in, I mean everything faith, reputation, thousands of dollars including the kitchen sink and hit a brick wall, and everything stops.

Mamma and family can't help, banks are crazy due to the credit/housing mess, you own 3 properties and can't pull equity out due to the housing/credit mess, bills starting to come in on the space you leased. And yes this is a time sensitive matter :)

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

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Girl this is that time were you gotta have nothing but FAITH because just when it seems like its the last last He steps in!!!!! T.D.Jakes said when it seems like your in Hell everyday during that trial thats when its almost there you just gotta hold on. I feel you girl, aint nothing about to go wrong her but I just feel like I'm on that brink of a break through and I'm about to bust. Hold on girl I can promise God is here He is Real. You gotta talk to Him and tell Him "Right now Lord I need you to show yourself to me give me some comfort cuz your girl is about to break" and watch what he do! Be encourage. I know that term is used so loosely but I mean it. We don't know each other from a can of paint but if we are serving the same God. MY GOD IS REAL!
Thanks Keesha,

I truly am a woman of FAITH in every area of my life, everything I do is in faith I always seek GOD 1st, girl I never loose sight tht he protects me in ways I can't see, he's my healer, my provider and he has never let me down, :) I also know that in the world of business things happen and most people have obtained different finances besides ie. banks, lines of credits and so forth, so I'm putting it out there in case someone has been successful in acquiring financing in other inconventional ways. GOD has blessed my interior design & real estate business has been very succesful thus far, things just got crazy when the market changed, I actually had over 80K in commisions in escrow, then the boom hit and none of my clients could meet the new qualifications to purchase, but despite tht, GOD has been soooo faithful :) There is nothing to hard for GOD !!!
What do you mean you are unable to pull equity out? Or, maybe God is telling you that is not where you should be getting the money from. Maybe he has another avenue for you and he is testing your faith. Trying to see if you will continue to praise him when things are tough just like you do when things are good.
I can't pull equity out if the comps don't come in so since the market has been down and people are dumping there homes for 20-80,000 less tht makes it has not worked, tried with a few different lenders, tht's in this market, new home builders have sold homes 100,000 less just to get it sold, and you know what that does to the homes in the neighborhood, people aren't happy. I tell my Realtor/lender friends to trust GOD and don't give up, alot have gone back into corporate America.

In regards to my Faith, I would've stopped this project 6 mos ago if I didn't trust GOD :) trust me. :) I was just asking if any other business woman tried any other financing alternatives, thanks for the words of encouragement........
Pray,Pray and Prayer!

Listen, listen, listen!

Trust, trust, trust!
thanks lady..........
Have you thought about getting a silent partner or going into partnership with someone that may have money that they want to invest in a growing company. You can also check out venture capital. These are usually private investors who have funds and want to invest in new and growing businesses. Check out the National Venture Capital Association for more information. There website is
Thanks so much Ms. Theresa, this is just what I needed, I will check them out ASAP ! I've got 2 possible investors who are from Chicago and are very familiar in the franchise we purchased, should be hearing something from them both by next week, just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this before, my faith is definately in tack but I know the bible also says to use wisdom, and to have a good mentors, so without stepping out in faith to ask, I would not have known this info you just shared :) you know "we" don't like nobody in our affairs :) :) I will keep you posted ....

Royal T
I hope everything works out. Please keep me posted.



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