Dear BBWO sistas,
I have a request. As I look at all of the talent that we have to offer, I noticed that only a few people list what city they are in. Now, I can understand if you dont want to list your age, but listing your city may help with your networking.

I live in Long Beach - I would love to work with women in the LA/Long Beach area to get there product or service out to any bridal couple or family with an newborn/small kid, that could help their business. Some products can be purchased online, but some service must be local.

Not telling anyone how to run their business -- just a suggestion.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


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Im in Northern California, Oakland to be exact. And Im hoping to conect with other sistas here that has a service or product that would compliment my core businesses of travel and events markets.

Feel free to drop me a line....Im working on a couple of events where I will be needing vendors and sponsors over the coming year.

Thank you for pointing that out. I did not even notice the area for me to type my location. It has now been added!

Xcellent suggestion ~

I put Las Vegas on everything :)


Royal T
I totally agree with you ! I seem to be the only person here from Pennsylvania. I would like to network with some local people and it's hard to, if you have to ask everyone you speak to where they are from.
I used to leave a comment of - nice product, where are you? But I found that most people just replied back to me, not realizing that everyone who clicked on their page wanted to know.

Like you said, I too, would like to network with the ladies in my area as much as I can. If I notice something, I will try to give a "heads up" because I would want someone to pull my coat tail as well.

Have a great weekend!\

Blessings ~ Rev Angela


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