Hello all, I'm having two book events this month and invite any and all who is interested in sending promotional materials, cds or even books to be given out in raffles, goodie bags and/or part of gift baskets to send them to me: Nicole Cunningham, PO Box 152979, San Diego CA 92195.

Please hit me and let me know when you put it in the mail so I can look out for it!


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I specialize in organizing goody bags for an event. Would you be interested in that? I too live in the San Diego area.
Thanks. I will definitely look you up in the future for bigger events.
Wow thanks for that. I will be sending you some postcards for my travel business and I will get them in the mail to you this weekend.

No problem. Thank you.
I'd love to send you some pens and postcards in promotion of my two non-fiction books. Thank you for the kind offer - I also do the same for fellow authors. You're welcome to send fillers to me as well @ PO Box 1088,Tioga, LA 71477.


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