I am in need of royalty/ASCAP free music to play on my radio show. I am looking for smooth jazz or ambient music.

No pop, hip hop, gospel, metal or rock needed, since I have interfaith couples ( 2 differnt faiths), I want to be inclusive.

If you are a musician or know someone who is willing to have their music played (credit given on each show) for free, please let me know.

As I become a bigger show, some type of donation may be made to the artist.

Thank you,
Rev Angela

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hi rev angie, check with moble at indies urban world on btr. typing 1-handed, no caps, lol.
thank you - i will check it out.
Here is the link:

He is in the industry and uses his program to spotlight unsigned and undiscovered talent. He's on MySpace also.
Rev Angela, check out this site They have different types of music and some of it is free
Thanks - I've been pointed in that directions in a few times.

If by chance you come across any unknown artist looking to get "airplay" please let me know.

I sure will
Hello Revie Angela!!! My fiance (King) would love to have his music included in your programing... he's a neo soul artist... I'll send u the MP3 file via email. Hopefully, this song will work for you. It's called Be The Time.. written & arranged by him...
That will be wonderful!!

I am in the process of updating my show info...produced by, music by, etc.. So once I get that up and rolling, he will be listed as well if I play it all the time, or I will mention his name on the shows that I choose to play it on.

Just remember - no words please, that way I can stop it when I need to and it wont be in mid sentence (LOL).

I look forward to getting the song!!

email to:

Rev Angela
Cool beans... I'll send u both with and without words.... (just so you can hear the entire song!)



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