Hi My Business Sistas,

I'd love to find a mutually compatible environment where sistas can help each other out. I am a full time writer. My latest novel is "The Mayor's Wife Wore Sapphires." With it, I want to prove that this Internet can bless all of us.

Do we share the vision, or am I in the wrong place?

I was a mayor's wife and he died. I look at all he tried to accomplish and deeply desire to carry it on. Number 1: unity. We are so divided on so many issues--economics. if you have less than me, then we don't want to associate with you or don't invite you anymore. When I was wealthy, my husband was also a doctor, I got all of those invitations, when my husband died and his lillness destroyed ou income,the invitations dried up. We also have issues with geography. If you live in a big fine house in an upwardly mobile neighborhood, you're in, and if you're in the hood in a two-bedroom, 1 bath, you're out. When I lived in the inner city, one of my high class clubs changed the rules when it came time for me to be president. The Vice-President was no longer in line to become President when it came my turn to preside--she did me a favor, really. We have issues with hue of skin. One uppity club voted against my membership because I didn't fit into the fair complexioned women they had been selecting for a hundred years, even when I was more qualified than anyof them, and today have accomplished more. Blacks have issues with education. A lot of Black who have doctorate degrees only want to associate with others who have such degrees. Picasso never finished college, and Einstein was a dropout. They were both genuises.

Don't read me wrong: in all of my public speaking I encourage Blacks to have lots of money, live in the best neighborhoods, lLove your skin color, no matter if it's black or fair, and don't let anyone tell you that "you got good hair, if it's straight, bad hair if it's kinky. no it's no better of worse, just different. Love people who are compatible with you, no matter what color, or what kind of hair, and get the highest education possible. My thing is just don't try to separate yourself from other Black people unlike youself because we're all human, and each of us, rich or poor, light or dark, kinky hair or straight, living in a hovel or a mansion, we have something to offer each other. I don't deal with people who have bad attitudes. That's what should be the dividing line. I do try to get them in a program I call, "attitude adjustment." It is for them, not for me, because I learned to love like Jesus, uncnditionally..

So I'm here to learn what you're offering, each of you. I might not buy or sign up at the moment, but if you have something I would buy from somone else, I will buy it from you. I have a book that took me ten years to write, and I want it to be a bestseller. Well, I want you to go to my site, take the time to read three free chapters, then if you like it, buy my book. Right there on my site.

Now I don't want you to just buy my book to be compatible. I need you to help get the word of unity that is strong in my novel out and around the world. You have the power to do that. But most groups just show up and do nothing. I want to make a difference. If I'm in the right place, I will know it in a week. If not, no harm done.

Even before I meet all of you personally, I can tell you I love you because you are a part of me. When I come to your town on book tour, just make it a point to meet me for lunch, or invite me to see your city, or spend the night. That might save me hotel bill. Offer to pick me up from the airport. See you have a vital part to play in getting the positive image of Black folks out to the world and diminishing our negative image.

Think of getting this message of healing our damaged image as part of your responsibility. Each you can do things like forwarding my articles on the subject. Invite me to your church, bookclub, events to talk about it. A bad image affects everyting we do--our mental attitude, to our income, the job we get and keep, the house we live in. It is our best friend, or our our worst enemy. We must conquer the bad image.

A bad image is when people in the media always refers to us in a derogratory way. "Out of the fulness of the heart the mouth speaks." We are not nappy headed hoes, We're African American ladies. We're not hoochies; we are the queens of creation. Who would know that but us unless we make it real for the rest of th world.

Now if you need any help with writing about your business let me know. Every busines needs a little book. Further, if you want to write a book, why would you turn to someone else when I'm the best..

Your black business Woman Online,
Martha Tucker,
The Mayor's Wife wore Sapphires
2007 Best New Author Award

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Hi! Martha,

My name is JoAnn and I'm the owner of I've hit a few obstacles but I will persevere and have this website up and running soon! I also paint, design clothing and have a very deep desire to write a book. God is guiding me...I know he led me to this website for more than a few reasons. I'm about unity and uplifting one another...especially my sisters in Christ. I was overjoyed to read this post...You're a true blessing!!! I will be purchasing your book...I'm also an avid book reader...Reading is one of my greatest past times...When I have the time:)
May God continue to do awesome works in your life...God Bless You!!!
JoAnn Ford
JoAnn, I'm sorry for being so late getting back, but being new my password would allow me in. I had to fix that and a few other thing. Thank you so much for your kind response. Now, about lulu, don't do it. they are too expensive. If you're serious, I'll hook you with the right company. Main thing: GET YOUR BOOK EDITED BY A PROFESSIONAL. i self published and I know this is the most important thing. I give a tips and ongoing writing lessons online. i'm setting up my blog.

Is professional editing expensive? Where do you find a professional editor or freelance editor?
Hi, Martha.

I am in the process of writing a book now. What do you think about self publishing versus traditional publishing? I was even thinking of going through and just doing the whole thing essentially on my own and selling them myself(like Maya did on Girlfriends). I have been talking with several self publishing companies but I haven't chosen one simply because my book isn't done yet. I just finished up a grant writing class and I may even hunt down a grant for me to help with the cost of getting my book out there.
I recently completed an article post about self publishing entitled 'Black and Self Published', its my own personal account of my experiences as a self-publisher, but I also wanted to share the pros and cons of writing your own book for others who are interested in doing so.



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