Monday, May 26, 2008 I am going to be xx years old. Yes, it is my birthday and so I decided to have a mini-shopping spree and I can think of no better place to spend my hard earned BBWO Dollars than right back here on BBWO. I have browsed both the member pages and photo gallery to find special gifts for me and I will post them all here.

Before I do I just wanted to say a few things:
1. I am really overwhelmed to see how many of you have joined BBWO and shared your work. This network has really been a pleasure to work on in more ways than one.

2. I have enjoyed working with so many of you thus far. To those of you who have purchased my books, banners, site promotions etc. - I appreciate all the support and genuinely put in 110% to give you the best work as well as promote your sites to the best of my ability.

3. It is for these reasons that I feel it's so important for me to support members not only verbally, but financially as well. Buying from BBWO members is a great way to recycle my black dollars and yours as well in exchange for amazing products and services. After all, finding practical solutions to recycling Black Dollars starts with ME and You - actually purchasing from one another!

4. I am going to post all my BBWO purchases right here and I encourage you to do the same. If you bought a product or service from some one on this group share it, promote it, review it and don't be afraid to be honest about it. I want this space to be supportive, but it's important to also be real. Give honest reviews, because constructive criticisms can help us learn and grow.

5. So let's get started BBWO. I am stepping up to the challenge and I hope that you are with me on this one. If you have already purchased something and posted it, please repost it here! And if you haven't already added your products to our photo gallery please do, its our mini-mall so use it.

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If you bought something on BBWO and posted about it in your blog or in a group, please add a link to your post here, so we all can share how we are buying Black on BBWO!

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I just put in an eBay bid for a Hand painted, handcrafted blank journal by Cheryl Edwards. Her journals are very pretty, I hope I get it. I actually wanted to learn how to make books, it looks like an amazing craft. Ever since I was a kid, I just love the feeling of opening up a new journal. I guess that's the writer in me.
I just paid for my journal, can't wait to get it! -lh
I just got my journal, I love it. It was handmade so you know it takes time to create something as nice as this. I love it. I just might keep it on the shelf, I love new books. Did i say that I love it.. cause I do... lol -lh
This is my first official BBWO purchase! I know, I know it took me way too long, but I'm proud to say it's my first! I just bought Diva Shea Butter Soap from - Christine's wonderful creation. I can't wait to get my soap and my sample of Shea Buttah Whip. Always nice to have alittle something in the pocket book when I'm going out. Ok, so that was $11 well spent. I small start, but every little bit counts right.
After a very busy day I was pleasantly surprised to receive my DIVA Soap, and so much more. I have to give a special thanks to CeeCee and all the wonderful BBWO businesses who sent me nice surprises for my Birthday. CeeCee, my hubby took my lipgloss, he loves it! But it's okay, I'll definitely have to buy another one. Love the Buttah Whip, melts on my skin and smells amazing. I've spent so many years buying all these commercial lotions, never knew what I was missing. Love how you've worked the shea butter into some ver soulful creations! Great purchase, thanks Christine.
A few months back, Itiel McVay "Smell Goods lady"'s, sent me a wonderful gift, a collection of her products from I can honestly say that ladies, they Smell Good - good enough to eat (lol) - really nice and sweet. I recieved Yummy Butter Baby Body Polish, Marinade moisture spray, and several sample scents. Loving her line, I decided to go back to and purchase the Scrub A Dub Exfoliant. I know its definitly going to smell good, but as the site also says 'Exfoliate, moisturize, and fragrance your body, 3 in 1 body care! ' and boy does my body need it. Sitting at this computer for hours and hours, I could sure use a relaxing, good smelling soak and scrub.

Oh and I wanted to say: It was really nice of Itiel to send me complimentary samples of her line and I encourage you all to be as generous from time to time. It's a great way to not only be giving, but to attract new customers and even reviews. I see that we have quite a few beauty bloggers on BBWO and across the web, sending them some of your samples and requesting a product review might be a great way to attract new customers to your site!

So that is $16 + shipping well spent!
BBWO is not just about support the sistas, we need to support our brothas in business too - the few on BBWO but also the many within our communities. I personally am a t-shirt and jeans type of gal so you won't find my buying many dresses on BBWO but I will get a couple of tees. My first clothing purchase is R. Lee Gordon's Obama T-Shirt. on I voted early for Obama and quite proud of it, the day was a big thing for me and my family! I am excited to support Mr. Gordon in his efforts to create culture conscious clothing and to support Obama as our nations first black president - cause you know he's gonna win!

$22 spent and counting! What a birthday shopping spree... I wish I could buy from everybody but I'm no where near six figure salary yet, but like I said every penny counts yall so don't wait until your big pay day to support other black businesses. If we can afford to spend $20 on random things in our personal lives, we can definitely afford to spend that same $20 on BBWO.

Changing our mindsets can change our lives - lh.
I got my t-shirt today and R.L. put in a uniTee Bracelet, thanks!
I just got my Scruba A Dub Exfoliant, that was super fast Itiel! And what nice wrapping, did you put in alittle something extra for me... thanks! I love it, and just in time for the weekend. I need to take a picture of the wrapping before I open it though, its almost too pretty to open. True to it's name, it Smells good right through the box! -lhenry

You're welcome! I am happy that you are pleased. Enjoy! Glad you like the wrapping. You ordered it for your b'day, so I had to add a little something extra special for you.

I am in the process of buying these very cute black earings from Sani Taylor's Fashion Jewelry and Accessories boutique. I'm not really fussy about makeup so I like to have on a few urban, trendy pieces of jewelry to feel cute.

Once my payment clears that will be $10.98 and counting! I can't wait to see what products and services you all post. I'm curious to know what other members buy on BBWO....
My earrings have officially been paid for. I am looking forward to receiving them :)


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