Monday, May 26, 2008 I am going to be xx years old. Yes, it is my birthday and so I decided to have a mini-shopping spree and I can think of no better place to spend my hard earned BBWO Dollars than right back here on BBWO. I have browsed both the member pages and photo gallery to find special gifts for me and I will post them all here.

Before I do I just wanted to say a few things:
1. I am really overwhelmed to see how many of you have joined BBWO and shared your work. This network has really been a pleasure to work on in more ways than one.

2. I have enjoyed working with so many of you thus far. To those of you who have purchased my books, banners, site promotions etc. - I appreciate all the support and genuinely put in 110% to give you the best work as well as promote your sites to the best of my ability.

3. It is for these reasons that I feel it's so important for me to support members not only verbally, but financially as well. Buying from BBWO members is a great way to recycle my black dollars and yours as well in exchange for amazing products and services. After all, finding practical solutions to recycling Black Dollars starts with ME and You - actually purchasing from one another!

4. I am going to post all my BBWO purchases right here and I encourage you to do the same. If you bought a product or service from some one on this group share it, promote it, review it and don't be afraid to be honest about it. I want this space to be supportive, but it's important to also be real. Give honest reviews, because constructive criticisms can help us learn and grow.

5. So let's get started BBWO. I am stepping up to the challenge and I hope that you are with me on this one. If you have already purchased something and posted it, please repost it here! And if you haven't already added your products to our photo gallery please do, its our mini-mall so use it.

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iBuy Black on BBWO, do you?

Who's buying Black On BBWO... great posts I just read...

1. Decked out in BBWO
2. The Smell Good Spa comes to Alaska!

If you bought something on BBWO and posted about it in your blog or in a group, please add a link to your post here, so we all can share how we are buying Black on BBWO!

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Who's buying Black On BBWO... great posts I just read...

1. Decked out in BBWO
2. The Smell Good Spa comes to Alaska!

If you bought something on BBWO and posted about it in your blog or in a group, please add a link to your post here, so we all can share how we are buying Black on BBWO!
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to Cee Cee and LaShanda for the complimentary banners for my business. I love them both and wanted to let you both know I appreciate your time and effort in creating them for me. Below I display the complimentary banners by Cee Cee - who will be an expert banner maker soon(can't wait) and LaShanda - who already designs banners for others. I have seen other banners LaShanda has done and love them all. I will display both banners on my various networking sites. Thanks again.......



This is a great post. I can only add to what's already been stated. All I know is that in my business I've been blessed, so for me it's only right for me to take what I made off one order and spend it with another sister! Why not? Another thing I've tried to do is since joining is this, I already know I shop anyways! So I've tried to not do that so much face to face buying and shop here! Sure I have to wait a little bit but every product I've purchased so far has been well worth the wait. Also I've blogged all the products I've purchased from other members on my Ning blog, so take a look,Candace
Gottitravel's tag reads: Travel Like The Pros. I would like to add: Be Treated Like A Rock Star!

Thank you Teresa for your professional service, invaluable time, phone service, and countless emails. My family and I are looking forward to our Disney Cruise! We will be doing business with Gottitravel again in the future.

I have two shops if anyone want to take a peek at what I have.

Take 15% off any purchase at Springcart with the code: summer15
Thank you Debra Cafaude!

To My Health
I have NOT purchased anything from BBWO as of yet, however I want to applaud Aliveinc.magazine---Coaching service, I currently recieve complimentary coaching texts related to advancing my career, and even when I am drop dead tired in the morning, I have that uplifting, motivating text message that gets me through my day. Had it not been for Mrs. Henry's hard work in putting this site together, I may have never knew about Aliveinc. The COMPANY IS AWESOME, THEY RESPOND TO ANY QUESTIONS I HAVE IN A PROMPT MATTER!!....THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME if I can just get a workout coach!! lol

Thanks for the product reviews, I am going to be Christmas shopping soon...I love this SITE!!!!
My first post for the New Year!!!

Hey Guys, one of the perks of being the founder of Black Business Women Online is learning about so many wonderful Black Products & Services. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Carmen, creator of Tomoka's Twists, fashionable and functional hair accessories. After watching a few of my youtube videos, she was delighted to find out that I had locks! A few days later, I also had Tomoka's Painted Cowries - Twists, compliments of Carmen.

I have to say I was alittle nervous about trying this new hair accessory. I love Carmen's how-to videos, but I wasn't sure it could work for me. Natural Ladies know what I'm talking about. We don't have very many things that actually WORK for us, but I can honestly say that this one does! I've snapped my share of elastic bands trying to put my locks in one, but to my surprise, Tomoka's Twists worked perfectly. I got my short locks to fit in a cute updo with no stress, no loose wrap or too tight head band. I usually wear head wraps or nothing at all, but since I got my Tomoka's twists I've been sporting it all week. I had to run outside yesterday and it was so great to quickly pull my hair back in a cute pony tail.

I love it Carmen and I'm sure all my natural ladies will too. Whether you got soft curly q's or thick kinky locks like myself, you can get a nice, neat firm hold with this natural hair accessory. I need to get me some more.

Visit Tomoka's Twists to get one for yourself!
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