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Passion Parties by Bernadette

In-home sensual parties (anywhere in the U.S. & Canada) for individuals 18+ to enhance romance and improve communication & intimacy in monogamous relationships. Visit website to purchase online, book a party or to become a Passion Parties Consultant.

Contact: Bernadette Pinkard (702) 239-8171 or email:
Tags: Gifts and Novelties
Paradise Legal Support & Secretarial Services
Providing specialized business support services for small to medium businesses.

At this time, we are offering our Business Stationary Package Specials (Shipping & Handling included; $25 setup fee)

250 Premium Business Cards
250 Letterhead
140 Return Labels

500 Premium Business Cards
500 Letterhead
140 Return Labels

1000 Premium Business Cards
1000 Letterhead
140 Return Labels


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