I need help...I am trying to understand how to start a blog and get paid for it. Do I start this on my website or just in general...This is new to me, so I am trying to get a full understanding.

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Hi Cherice. A blog is an only journal that you start to write about a topic of your choice. I have a ton of them like: or my Black Parenting Blog - And you also have the ability to have your own Blog Right Here on BBWO.

Alright so now that you know what I blog is, how do bloggers make money? Well, let me back track a bit. A blog is created so you can share your information or entertaining interests with others SO the main reason people blog is so other people will subscribe to their blog and read it all the time. It's kind of like having your own newspaper or magazine except a digital version.

Where does the money come in?
Well if you look at popular blogs like or for example, the money comes in different ways. The most common being:

1. When you put adsense on your site and people click the ads ... you make money.
2. If you change people to advertise on your website ... you make money.
3. If people ask to pay you to put their reviews on your website or talk about their products ... you make money.
4. If you sell your own stuff on your blog .... you make money.
5. If you join an affiliate program where you make commissions to share other people's stuff ... and people click on your affiliate links and actually buy stuff... then you make money.

That is the long and short of it.

I get this question alot so I put together a collection of videos and eBooks on how to start a blog, set it up, and make money blogging. It's an ecourse I have called Blogging for Beginners. I get the feeling you are interested in learning more about blogging, so I put together a promo code for these videos so you can watch them all today for $29. This code is: B4CHER


The whole eCourse is actually $149, but sometimes I like to do these promos so that everybody can get a chance to figure this stuff out. I made sure to open this discount up to you + 10 other people who might read this post and want to check out Blogging For Beginners too.

Good luck! -lh
You have no idea how much you just helped me...Thank You!!!
Hi Cherice,
If you would like for help in understanding how to blog, here's an invitation to a free marketing system that teaches you all the basics. You can sign up here

Please feel free to inbox me if you have any additional questions.
You are very welcome :)
OK...I created a blog with ning....can I sell advertisement for these sights?
You can only sell ads on a ning site if you are the network only. The only things you could really sell on a ning site that is not your own is your own stuff or post links to affiliate products. -lh
Finally I understand...OK I have a website and I can have my own blog page on that I on the right track....

This is where I can sell advertising space and promote products...
Dont laugh at me, I am really trying to get a full understanding..LOL..LOL
No laughter here, we all have to start some where. The key is to be confident enough to ask the question! You are on the right track, just know that blogs aren't all about the cash... inorder to get the money and sell ads you need traffic aka people who find the blog interesting, share it with others and make it popular. Interesting blogs have articles, content, and are updated often.

Hope that helps - lh
OK...This has really helped me...Thank You so much
Thanks for mentioning the traffic! I get this same type of question a lot and most professional bloggers I know had been blogging for 5 years or longer before they were turning a profit. Another thing is to have a plan for your target audience. I LOVE how both points are illustrated in the movie Julie & Julia.
@Cherice thank you for asking that question about blogging, it was something that I wanted to know as well.

Much Blessings & Prosperity
Great information on Blogging, I needed that broken down to me like that. Thanks!

Much Blessings & Prosperity


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