There are so many articles on how to grow your business, the thing is the list is as long as route 66. So today I would like to focus on two particular areas which I have found is a weakness for many businesses. The first is know your market. You have a product and it seems you are not able to bring in the customers as expeditiously as you' d like. One of the key elements is knowing what those around you are into at the time. For example: Lets say you have a hair salon in Alabama and your advertisement is showcasing shirley temple curls ( which is where I am located so not dissin AL ) that may be what they are rockin at the time but if you are in Maryland and they are into Bobs then you need to switch your set up to fit your market. Its all about supply and demand, if someone demands a Big Mac don't hand them a Whopper. The second lesson is that ALL advertisement must be estetically appealing. Many cheapen their product and services by cheapening their advertisement. Be it through, brochures, business cards, flyers, store front signs, clothing apparel, whatever your method of advertising, half the battle is making sure it is eye candy, so if that means foregoing your personal style then believe me its worth the sacrifice. Some people enjoy gaudy gold trimmed picture frames and mirrors, with fake floral arrangements all over their houses, champagne flutes on the fireplace mantle, and plastic on the furniture, if thats your style then have at it but if you place that same eye on a piece of advertisement for all the world to see, well thats they type of people you are going to attract and lets just say you might as well work for " The man ". Classy yet simple is always better. Never give someone a piece of material with your name on it that does not represent " BUSINESS ". You will never be taken serious.

Do not be afraid to seek outside help if you just can't leave the zoot suit, plastic on furniture mindset at home. Its worth the extra money you will spend since the goal is to expand your business. We need great businesses most importantly we need great minority owned businesses with women at the helm of it all. There are enough slots for all of us to succeed and leave a legacy for our children and grand-children to carry on.

REMEMBER: Know your market. Find out what the people in your area are seeking as it relates to your product or service. Make your advertisement appealing. Envision the nicest business card or brochure you've seen, it was simple, spaced properly, classy yet dynamic I'm sure. Your material is a representation of you. Represent yourself with dignity and pride.

Peace & Infinite Blessings

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