How can one go about getting paid to give advice to their audience who follow their blog? I am new so I don't have a huge following yet but I would like to offer the service to give advice as a healthy eater (vegan) to those who are seeking the same lifestyle. Is there a way to incorporate this on your blog- visually speaking and how do you connect it to get paid for it?


Thanks for the feedback in advance!

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Hi Azalee!

Great question. I offer consulting on my blog in a number of different ways. People can purchase my how-to ebooks, listen to my audio ecourses, schedule a phone consultation with me, or participate in my membership website/ weekly group calls. There are a few different ways you can sell your consulting services via your blog.

You start by thinking about what kind of service or product you want to sell and how much you want to make. Then you need to know what tools you will use to put your stuff up online, sell it, etc. As well as how you plan on attracting customers to buy your consultation services. During my weekly sistasense circle calls some of the things we are talking about it how to sell your services online and client attraction.

I will actually be talking about this in more detail during the SistaSense Power Circle TeleSummit. One of the sessions I am hosting is how to get paid for what you know also review some of my latest audios on selling information and building your social following online.

Great information! Thank you for your response...I will take into consideration what you mentioned and see how I may incorporate that in my blog...Thanks again




Lashanda's ebook courses are so onpoint, and i learned so much from her.  She's the one who started me with writing down notes. So yes, I have about 5 note books full of great information. Get the ebooks she's recommended you, you will not regret it.

Hi Azalee, this is a great questions! After getting so many emails from women wanting help with blogging and social media marketing, I too decided to add consulting to my blog. I created a consultation page and use paypal as the payment option. You can check it out here:


Hope this helps!

wow thank you Tamyka- that is exactly what I wanted to know...thx
Your welcome, glad I could help!
I have added a page to the top of my blog for services that I offer. I don't have a price I just tell people to email me and we will go from there. I think promoting it on twitter and facebook is a great way to start. Good luck

Thanks for bringing this up Azalee. I am thinking about doing the same thing. My website is and I have been thinking hard about starting a consulting service for beginning bloggers.  I have an extra cell phone that I use specifically for talking with clients. I think that you could maybe add a page on your blog that offers consultation services through email or via telephone.


Jessica @BloggersConnect


Your post caught my eye because I'm a vegetarian transitioning to a more vegan lifestyle. I'm also a blogger with several blogs, one of which is a healthy snack blog. If you need some exposure for your vegan lifestyle consulting practice, I could interview you about how one transitions to a vegan lifestyle, what you typically eat, and if you have any healthy vegan snack recipes or product recommendations to share.

Alternately, you could do a guest post that I would publish on my site with tips and resources for becoming a vegan.

Doing interviews, guest posting on healthy lifestyle blogs, creating a few 'how-to' videos and publishing them on video sharing sites--these are all ways that you can grow your following and get more exposure for your services

I will echo all of the suggestions that people have made so far for you. I have been working with LaShanda for a few years and her advice and her products are of the highest quality.

Please let me know if you are interested in the interview or in doing a guest post on my blog:





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