I recently placed ads on cars and to my dismay it poured raining. Since then I have received numerous emails and phone calls not about my services but about the mess my ad had made on their cars. I feel so sad that this has happened and I am trying to express my apology and remorse for the effect my ads had. So I am struggling to find solutions to 1) not have this happen again and 2) make it up to those I pissed off ( potential clients)? One person asked that I reimburse their car wash fee, which I agreed providing they provide a receipt for a wash due to my ad only. How do I turn this negative experience into a positive one?

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Things happen, we have no say over rain. However you can take this as a lesson learn.

1. Always check the weather before placing ads.

2. Offer a discount on your product to those who contact you. (Buy one get one free always go over well)

3. How did the ads do? Did you receive any business?

If it rained how did the people know how to contact you? I'm assuming since it made such a mess they couldn't read the ads. If they were able to read the ad, then there wasn't a big mess as they claim. You might just had some trying to get over on you.

Don't feel too bad, this is part of the business, learning from mistakes.

Good luck on your next ads.
Hi Zalika - Let me say that all companies make mistakes, but it is those who immediately acknowledge the mistake who save their customers. (look at BP's disaster)

So, let me also do I say this nicely... well if you have heard any of our webinars you realize that I give it to you straight no Are you KIDDING??? the person has to provide a car wash receipt? Then it becomes a hassle that the customer is trying to prove something that you already know to be true. You screwed up.

Take charge of the situation and maybe work a deal with a local car wash or a group of teenagers and get the people's cars washed. Great companies become great when they make the RIGHT decision. It is better to do what is right than to do what is easy. You do not want the only impression of your business to one of a taker. Apologize loudly, publicly and often and the potential customers will not only give you respect, but also may become a customer.

Finally - take these people who contacted you and win them over by being the bigger person ....even if they end up getting a free car wash when you did not do the damage.

try using a laser printer...instead of an ink jet printer and the ink will stay longer.

Richelle Shaw
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You should try advertising your business using a car magnet for your own vechicle.Check Vistaprint for a free car magnet.This should help.
Hi, Zalika: You didn't say whether or not your company is the one that actually did the artwork and printing for the car Ads. If another company did it at your request and you only provided your customers with the final product, maybe you should check with that particular company to find out what type of ink they used. If it was a temporary ink, that would explain the drippings from the Ads, and they should be held responsible for the mess and refund you back your money. On the other hand, if it was your company that did all the work, then maybe you should change the ink to a more permanent one. Check to see if the ink that you are using complements the material for which it is being used on. All inks do not stick to all surfaces. Good luck.
Thanks to everyone who responded. Your advise was helpful. I was prompt in my response to each person that contacted me with a complaint. I also contacted the company for which I purchased the post cards and they provided solutions for removal. I contacted those who called and emailed and provided the removal information. They were appreciative of the information and the person who requested reimbursement found it a reasonable request to ask for a receipt which he sent. This was truly a learning experience.


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