Am I A Hater Because I Love Black People? + 4 More Posts ...

I hope you are having a productive week. To keep that going here are a few posts I wanted to share with you.


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You have to bless haters and bless them out of your way. You handled that very well. That Shaitan's sole purchase was to pull you from your center and take you from your game plan. NEVER let a hater distract you, that's their job. If they can pull you from what you're doing to focus on their nonsense, then they have won. NEVER give them the victory.


Let me forwarn you, your star is raising as it does, the shaitan will come at you from places you never expected. Get grounded in your spiritually. That does not mean you have to sit up in a house of worship. If thats You fine. What it does mean is You must be focused on the one who got you this far.  Never take your focus off your higher power.

Laugh at the shaitain when it rears its head and it will have no power over you, its just beginning.


I add my prays to yours that the Creator will give you the victory.


Thank you Michelle,


Staying grounded and conscious that there are more challenges to come, is hard, but I know its necessary. Thank you all again for the positive words of encouragement.




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