APRIL- National Poetry Month April is : NATIONAL POETRY MONTH
Some ideas on how you might celebrate National Poetry Month
* Try writing an original poem
* Read poetry to your children
* Recite some poetry at an open-mic/ spoken-word venue
* Read a biography of a famous poet..see what made them tick
*Send a poem to a friend or loved one
*Support/Promote the work of a local poet
*Buy a wonderful book of poetry (preferably Reflections of a
Mississippi Magnolia- A Life in Poems by Patricia Neely-Dorsey) (smile)


My daddy helped me to love poetry,
He liked that kind of thing;
On Sunday mornings we'd recite,
"When Malindy Sings."
I loved the rhythm and the rhyme,
Each stanza and each verse;
We'd just say it how we felt,
With no need to rehearse.
I like to write my own poems now,
And let my own words flow;
I find that there are things inside,
I want other folks to know.
It's such a wonderful feeling,
To see my own words in print;
Sometimes, I think the words I write,
Are truly heaven sent.
Wherever it all comes from,
It's something I love to do;
It's my hope ,in some small way,
It's most enjoyable to you.
Copyright 2008 Patricia Neely-Dorsey

poem from Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life in Poems

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