Do you have a youtube channel? If so, please post it here so that we can exchange links. My youtube channel is:

Are you new to video marketing? Have you not tried it yet? Did you know that takes up about 1/3 of the internet activity today? That means that 1/3 of the stuff that happens online is happening on, so if you are not in it yet, you are definitely missing out!

If you are interested, I am doing a series on how-to videos on Video Marketing. To view these videos signup for my Online Course Series in Web Basics and Internet Marketing Strategies.

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This is such a great site and you ladies rock. Checking out the channels and I am in awe.
My channels is
I just watched your video, "Continue Learning". Your message is a message so many people need to hear. Even young people in college think that all they need to do is take enough notes to pass a test, and never get the notion that education is all about learning. And that learning does not stop once you receive a diploma.

Very good message. I hope everyone on this network watches it and shares it..

Thank you so very much. I too believe that one can never learn enough.
I wouldn't say "star" :), but in my most recent video, I turned camera on myself to promote my new online magazine.

Adding yours and the other ladies now! Thanks!!

Michelle :)
Hi Lashanda,
My youtube channel is:
What a great idea to have video "testimonials"! Kudos to your channel and you!

Hello lady, here is my youtube channel

Hello you all, I just subscribed to your youtube channel, will you return the favor. I look forward to networking and supporting you all.

I started a quirky video blog ( in my CAR) that may make you laugh or make you put your hand on your hips and say "yeah girl!"

My channel is SweetGirlTV at please tune in and subscribe

Thanks for asking LaShanda! here is my youtube channel:


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