Hey there, I wanted to address this question because we am having discussions with different people I do realize that we find ourselves being a people who have to belong to a group. Now the type of group is where the problem lies.  Just being part of something is fine for some but for others its important that the group they associate themselves with has to have something in common. That's why we have to pick the group of people instead of allowing the group to pick you. I know that most of the people I associate myself when it comes to business is business minded people. That is why I really like this website because you find out so many different things out.

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Like mindedness is very important. I finally found some like-minded people to collaborate with. The feeling is as great as finding your soulmate.
You are so right. It is important. I find myself learning from others and it fascinates me when others learn from me. I feel that we are all a great big sea of knowledge and as the ships float there is always something new to learn. ( I hope that doesn't sound corny) (lol)
No it didn't. I love the analogy.
I think it is good that you surround yourself with like minded people. I try to make it a habit to only surround myself with people who are a reflection of me or who are headed in the direction I am headed.
In that process you will find out how small your circle can be because everyone is not for you sometimes even you are not for you until you change your perception of who you are. I know that sounds kind of crazy but its so true. We need to know what we want and once we do that, that is when all the people that can enhance the better part of us become part of what success can look like. I hope I didn't confuse you.
I think every one has to be constantly aware of who you are with and protective of who wants to be with you . Peer pressure can have a very positive or negative force.
You are so very right about that. Its funny that you say peer pressure can have a very positive or negative effect when we think about peer pressure it puts me in the mind set of when we are younger when in reality its all through our lives that peer pressure appears.
I need to be around like-minded people, because the ones online have the I.Q. of toilet water. That is why I now follow intellectuals but I'm also searching for a like-minded friend in real life too. :-)
The motto that I have adopted when examining people. I look at them and ask will they bring any value to my life? If they do then I can associate with them.
I agree with all of you. We have to remember that the haters are good for only one thing: pushing us to do what they say we cannot do. But you must remember that they are not to be in your circle/network. Keep that space reserved for your true supporters and supportees. Build what I call a Crying Angel Network - a group of women (or men) who uplift you in prayer not because they have something to gain by it, but because although they do not see your vision, they believe in YOU. And you give back to them in like mind as well.
You all have such great ways and ideas this is what this is about you all have allowed me to find other ways to watch who I allow in my circle.


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