Before you saw her on the season finale of "Secret Millionaire",

many of you may have already heard of entrepreneur mentor Ali

Brown. (Back in early 2000, she was known as the *Ezine Queen*).


You see, Ali's little *email newsletter* is what started her

entire business years ago. She began with a list of 10 people

(which included her parents and her cat). And from there, it

helped her spread the word about her business, gain credibility

as an expert, grow a list of interested prospects, and skyrocket

her sales and revenues.


Soon, Ali began to show others how to do the same with a how-to

ebook called "Boost Business With Your Own Ezine". She fast

became known as an *expert in email publishing*, and that

launched her moniker as the "Ezine Queen". And Boost Biz, as Ali

liked to call it for short, was her bestselling product ever.


Ali later took that manual off the market, as it needed a fresh

overhaul. And it seemed there were many other more exciting ways

to market online. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and more, all

surfaced and stole the light from the humble email.


But ezines hung in there. And today, Ali attests that her ezine

is STILL her *#1 marketing tool*. In fact, studies are showing

email is STILL the highest rated marketing tool for businesses,

even with all the other exciting applications out there. It's a

tool we all use every day, and here's the rub:


If you can write an email and press SEND, you can publish an

ezine that brings in profits!


So, if you're ready to get the scoop on publishing an ezine for

profits, then check out Ali's *brand new, FREE report*.


It's called "Ezine Publishing Profits: 3 Simple Strategies for

List-Building, Money-Making Ezine!".


Here's what you'll learn in this instant PDF download...


•The 5 ways an ezine can be your *simplest and best marketing

tool*—no matter your business or level of experience


•The *huge advantage* an ezine gives you as a business owner that

you don't get with Facebook, Twitter, or other social media


•Your *3 big steps to get started right away* (and your 3

checkpoints to take note of if you're already publishing)


•How to *easily create or find articles, tips, and content* that

makes people want to join (and stay on) your list and hear about

your business and services/products every week


•Ways your ezine can *get you better results from your current

marketing efforts*—whether it's networking, social media, search

engine advertising, direct mail, or print ads


•Simple strategies to make your ezine *follow-up and sell for

you*, like a free, automatic salesperson


Whether you ALREADY publish an ezine or you are CURIOUS how it

can help you and your business thrive, don't miss out on this

brand new report. I think it's one of Ali's best yet.


You can download your copy instantly here now:

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Great article. Very informative.

Hi Michelle, yes Ali has really created a great empire and all from knowing how to create lists.  I've attended a few of her events and they are great resources.  I attended one of her teleseminars which had a few thousand participants and she  offered a product for around $500 and in about 30 minutes she had made around $100K!  That was most impressive.

What I have learned most from Ali is that as women we must be confident and not afraid to charge what we're worth and we must be willing to develop and stay committed to a system.

Thanks for a great resource post!


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