Back To Business Roll Call: What are you working on now + New Goodies!

Greetings Everyone...


The kids are going back to school and its time for us to get back to business. Join this discussion now - share what you are up to, what you are launching, what events you are planning and/or going to ... let's reconnect AND/OR make new connections.


I will start ....
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Now it is your turn - post, share, exchange.

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A few things to remember - you can now  check out the BBW50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs list right on our website (click here) and I will be speaking at Blogalicious 2011 let me know if you are going to be there! -lh
I am working on networking for vendor events in the DFW area.


I've released a new novel, Bumped and am offering it for $.99 on the Kindle.

I have two and a half more weeks before my daughter goes back to school.

Once she's off, I'll be working on updating my other book, Baby Modeling & Beyond and launching a contest for getting two additional kids on the cover.



Just read your preview ... reads like a very good movie that I'd pay to go see! Wow!

Bought it:

Thanks Donna, that would be fabulous if someone bought the movie rights! Working on it!
Keep me in the loop, Sibylla. I'd definitely want to see it.

My baby is too little to be off to school but I have a nanny that will be watching her for a few hours a day.  Then I'll be cranking out content for my gig at, working on my first book, and launching an online market place. Whew.



Hi Corinne,

I'm following you on Twitter. :)

Awesome! I'm gonna follow ya back. I gotta get my Twitter game up. I love Twitter but, after writing so much one hundred and forty characters can be a bit much. TTYL - Corinne.

Hello Ladies,
I'm kind of late with it, but I just got this notice well I was cooking when it came, but I'm taking a break from making jewelry and now I am doing Greeting Card Gift Sets.
Greetings gems! currently I am working on a social network much like this one but it is for the fashion and beauty pro!!!

I've been a ghost writer for a few magazines... I'd love to be a member.




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